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This article will provide various jokes related to different types of gangs, such as bubble gang, biker gang, chain gang, street gang, and blood gang. We will explore the humorous side of gangs, robber bikers, and the neighborhoods wherein these gangs operate. Get ready to laugh!

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Best Short Gang Jokes

Short gang puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The gang humour may include short stag jokes also.

  1. Why are white gangs the scariest in prisons? Because they had a fair trial and still ended up there.
  2. What does Superman and a blood gang member who lost his gun have in common? Neither one of them want to see a Kryptonite...
  3. I saw a kid getting beaten up by 4 gang members, so I helped out. He didn't stand a chance against the 5 of us.
  4. What do you call a motorcycle gang made up of ancient bisexual Norse monarchs? The bikings.
  5. Did you here about the woman who got attacked by a gang of mimes? They performed unspeakable acts on her.
  6. My mom: Asians are some of the safest people in the world... Me: There are asian gangs too
    My mom: And they're called study groups!
  7. The other day I saw 4 gang members beating up a kid. So I decided to step in. He didn't stand a chance against 5 of us.
  8. Just saw that our local Police Department got 2 huge new trucks with "Criminal Gang Unit" labeled on the sides. Finally, some self awareness.
  9. Man, after joining a Biker Gang: Do we or don't we ride our bikes at the same speed? Biker: Yes, we do. But stop calling it synchronizing our cycles.
  10. Police are on the lookout for a shoplifting gang systematically stealing shirts according to size They're currently at large
Gang joke, Police are on the lookout for a shoplifting gang systematically stealing shirts according to size

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Gang One Liners

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  1. Last night I was attacked by a gang of mime. They did unspeakable things to me.
  2. My wife was abducted by a gang of mimes. They did unspeakable things to her.
  3. What do you do if you're attacked by a gang of clowns? Go for the juggler.
  4. Why did the cloud do drugs and join a gang? Atmospheric Pressure.
  5. What do you call a fatality that results from friendly fire in a gang war? Homiecide
  6. My car was stolen and crashed by a gang of 14 year olds It was a minor collision
  7. The other day I was attacked by a gang of clowns So I went straight for the juggler.
  8. In my gang, there's no such thing as blood money. It's Criptocurrency
  9. have you heard about the emu who was kicked out of the emu gang? he was ostrich-sized.
  10. My grandad said there's gangs at his retirement village The blood clots and the cripples
  11. I wish I was in a gang... So I would know what to do with my hands in pictures!
  12. What do you call a gang of ghosts? A hauntourage ~
    happy spooky season haha
  13. how do you defend yourself from a gang of clowns? Going straight for the juggler.
  14. What do you call it when a gangster accidentally kills a fellow gang member? Homiecide
  15. Why is there no gang violence on the space station? Because it is a zero G environment.

Gang Members Jokes

Here is a list of funny gang members jokes and even better gang members puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • A man was arrested for killing gang members, then cutting off their feet and taking them When apprehended, the man said he had heard it was profitable to sell Crip toes.
  • There's a gang in my neighborhood that recruits members by threatening them with all sorts of horrible punishments and tortures if they don't join .. but enough about the Church ..
  • What do you call a depressed gang member? An emoji... Emo g, get it? From my 13 year old son
  • What did the Mexican gang member say when two large houses fell on him during an earthquake? Get off me, homes.
  • I saw 4 gang members beating up a little kid So I decided to step in, there's no chance he can take all 5 of us.
  • You are being approached by a lawyer, a lion and a gang member. You are armed with a gun and two bullets. What do you do?
    Shoot the lawyer. Twice.
  • Did you hear about the boat full of gang members? It was a blood vessel.
  • A Latino gang member has received poor customer service at the railway station, so he vandalised one of the train engines in revenge. It was a loco motive.
  • What do you call a place that you put an arrested caucasian gang member in? A white blood cell.
  • There's a gang in my area... There's a gang in my area who recruit new members by threatening them with all kinds of horrible punishments if they don't join. But enough about the church...

Biker Gang Jokes

Here is a list of funny biker gang jokes and even better biker gang puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • Biker mimes If a group of mimes forms a motorcycle gang....
    Do they have to drive electric bikes?
  • An old guy walks into a biker bar... ... And sits down next to the leader of the gang.
    "Your mom is pretty hot, you know?".
    The biker chief sips his beer, sighs...
    "Just go home, dad.".
  • What do you call her when St. Nick's wife dumps him to join a biker gang? A rebel without a Claus.
  • A new gang of wheelchair bikers have come into town... They call themselves the Rampscallions.
  • Deathblade the Biker Gang leader ran over a land mine. He died like he rode: all over the place.
  • What did the programmer from the biker gang say? "It ain't gonna be soft where my engine nearing!"

Blood Gang Jokes

Here is a list of funny blood gang jokes and even better blood gang puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • What were the names of the two rival vampire gangs? The bloods and the crypts
  • I live in a rough neighborhood There are lots of gangs here, so it's pretty scary at times.
    In fact, my neighbor used to be a blood.
    Then he fell off the roof. Now he's a crip.
  • I'm working on a book about vampire gangs. I'm titling it the Bloods and the Crypts.
  • What medical procedure involves transgender gang members uniting as one? A blood transfusion
  • I live in the ghetto There are gangs and stuff all around. Actually, my neighbor is a Blood. But yesterday, sadly, he turned into a Crip when he fell off the roof.
  • A gang of thieves broke into a blood bank last night and stole a hundred pints of blood.
    Police are still hunting for the clots.
  • What do you call a gang of haemophilliac's and people who cant walk ? Bloods and crips.
  • What gang has constant erections The bloods
  • Did you hear that the lead singer of Foreigner was killed in an attractive gang member? Yeah, he was Hot Blooded
  • Why were the bloods the strongest gang in the 80s? Their toughest competition were crips

Street Gang Jokes

Here is a list of funny street gang jokes and even better street gang puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • Street gangs of southern LA have started decapitating each other and using the body parts to trade for goods... The most valuable of which is the Crip toe currency.
  • I was walking down the street the other day and I saw 4 guys ganging up on a little kid I walked right on past because I figured reposting would be a bigger crime than helping beat the kid up.
  • Why couldn't Big Bird hang out with the sesame street gang? Because he was ostrich-sized...
  • What do you give an actor playing the role of an angry street gang member? Mad props...
  • What do you call a gang of moral supremacists marching in the streets, waving flags and telling other people what to do? Pride.
Gang joke, What do you call a gang of moral supremacists marching in the streets, waving flags and telling othe

Uproarious Gang Jokes to Share with Friends

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What do 9 out of 10 people call a good time?

Gang r**....

Does anyone know any good r**... jokes?

Jimmy Carr, "What do nine out of 10 people enjoy? / Gang r**....")

A sloth named Herman is walking through the forest one day.

A gang of snails approach him and beat him up. Herman is left at the bottom of a tree with several cuts and bruises. Several hours later he gathers up enough strength to go to a local police station. Herman walks into the Sergeant's office.
"What happened to you? the officer asks.
"A gang of snails beat me up," Herman replied.
"Can you describe what they looked like?"
"I don't know," the sloth says. "It all happened so fast."

An old woman joins a gang.

A little old lady wanted to join a biker club.
She went to a bar where she new they hung out and a big, hairy, bearded biker with tattoos all over his arms was at the entrance.
She proclaims "I want to join your biker club."
The guy was amused and told her that she needed to meet certain biker requirements before she was allowed to join. So the biker asks her "You have a bike?"
The little old lady says "Yea, that's my Harley over there" and points to a Harley parked in the parking lot.
The biker asks her "Do you smoke?"
The little old lady says "Yea, I smoke. I smoke 4 packs of cigarettes a day and a couple of cigars while I'm shooting pool."
The biker is impressed and asks "Well, have you ever been picked up by the Fuzz?"
The little old lady says "No, never been picked up by the fuzz, but I've been swung around by my n**... a few times."

What's a g**... say when a house falls on him?

Get off me, homes!

"Wolfgang Mozart", says Mozart's friend...

"What?!" replies Mozart. Then they are both eaten by a gang of wolves.

Why do gangsters hold their pistols sideways?

Because that's how it comes in the box :D

What do nine out of ten people agree on?

Gang r**....

Next time somebody tries to argue using statistics....

Remind them that 9 out of 10 people enjoy gang r**....

Cow jokes that had to be shared

-Why is there a high gang rate amongst cows? They've all got beef.
-Why was the cow a terrible sharpshooter? All he did was graze.
-How can you tell if there are cows hiding near by? You can hear them uttering to each other.
.....thank you

What do a gang member and a r**... have in common?

They both know how to throw a good h**... down.

What's the difference between a fraternity and a gang?

Gangs don't have to pay for friends.

A turtle was walking down an alley in New York

when he was mugged by a gang of snails. A police detective came to investigate and asked the turtle if he could explain what happened.
The turtle looked at the detective with a confused look on his face and replied I don't know, it all happened so fast.

A gangster asks his son how his exam went

"They questioned me for 3 hours but I told them nothing, dad."

My ex was gang r**... by a troupe of mime artists.

They performed unspeakable acts on her.

s**... and the gang on Family Fortunes

The host goes to Daphne and asks her to name an endangered African animal, she ponders for a second and then a voice in the background goes "Rhino!"
The host says "I know you do s**..., but it's not your go..."


9 out of 10 people actually enjoy gang r**....

Why are gangstas afraid of the rain?

Cuz they roofless.

What does a gangster rapper Juice Wrld do when they are involved in a shipwreck?

Swim fo sho

I tried to join a local gang of thieves that were stealing supplies from Chinese restaurants in town.

I don't think I made the cut though. They told me to go take a walk.

If your are ever about to get jumped by a gang of clowns

Go for the juggler

What is a sure way to pleasure 9 out of 10 people?

Gang r**....

How do gangsters receive communications?


What do you say when you get cornered by a gang of Italian prostitutes?

"Uh-oh, spaghetti h**...!"

Currently the most offensive joke going through my head.

What did the female Marine get moments after she was gang r**... by her fellow Marines?
A Dishonourable Discharge.

Why was the black woman pregnant of quadruplets arrested?

Gang formation.

"Y'know with all the civil unrest, political corruption, class divides, drug smuggling, gang wars, police brutality, gun violence, and poor education maybe building a wall to protect us from our southern neighbors isn't such a bad idea"

\- Canada

Did you hear about the mute motorcycle gang?

They don't answer to nobody.

A man comes to the entrance of Heaven

A man comes to the entrance of Heaven and is told, "You haven't done anything good, but you haven't done anything bad either. If you can tell me of something amazing you have done, I will let you in."
The man replies, "Well, one time I was driving down the road and I saw some gang members threatening a young lady in an alleyway. I stopped and confronted them. I walked up to the biggest looking dude and slapped him and said, 'You need to leave this young lady alone, or I'm going to kick your a**...!'"
The man at the entrance to heaven asked him, "When did this happen?"
The guy replies, "About five minutes ago."

What's the i**... equivalent of a g**...?

A fam bam.

A turtle got mugged by a gang of snails...

In the aftermath the police officer asked the turtle for details.
Trembling, the turtle mutters, "I... I don't know. It all just... happened so fast!"

I saw four gangsters beating up on a kid

I decided to help. He didn't stand a chance against five of us.

A friend of mine was s**... assaulted by a gang of mime artists last night...

They did unspeakable things to him.

As a young boy I always wanted to join a violent gang

Just got accepted into police training, who says dreams don't come true.

What did Pablo Escobar say to s**...-Doo and the gang when they finally caught him?

I would've gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you Medellín kids.

I don't understand why society is so against gang r**....

I mean statistically 9 out of 10 people enjoy it.

What do 7 out of every 8 people enjoy?

Gang r**....

Parked my car in Mexico City last night. Came out in the morning to find a gang of kids had come and stolen all the parts off it.

Jesus took the wheel.

Joe approached the gates of Heaven and God asked him what he had done in life that made him worthy...

Joe: "I once saw a gang of bikers harassing a woman, so I went up to the biggest and baddest one, gave him a punch across the face, and said 'If you want to mess with her again, you'll have to go through me first.'"
God: "Really? When was that?"
Joe: "About 5 minutes ago."

An artist lives next to a Marsh.

Twice a week, he goes out and collects the clam shells in the marsh to use in his art. One day, he visits a fellow artist and the two compare their works as usual. Suddenly, a gang of bandits breaks into the house to steal art, but before anyone else could react the first artist launches a furious flurry of kicks and punches that quickly incapacitates all the robbers.
"Incredible!" Goes his friend, "I never realised you were so well trained in combat!"
"Well you should," the first artist replied, "considering you already know I am a marsh shell artist."

What makes9/10 people happy?


Two Australians walk into a shady biker bar..

..somewhere in Texas. Inside of course is the whole gang drinking, music stops, crickets...
The boss of the gang asks:
Did you come here to die?
Australians respond:
No, we came in yesterday

One day St. Peter saw a street gang walking up to the Pearly Gates

St. Peter ran to God and said, "God, there are some low-life, thieving street gang members at the Gates. What do I do?"  
God relied, "Just do what you normally do with that type; redirect them."
St. Peter went back to carry out the order, and all of a sudden he went running back yelling,
"God, God, they're gone - they're gone!!!"
"Who, the street gang?"
"No, the Pearly Gates!"

Why do gangsters hold their guns sideways?

Because that's the way it came in the box.

What do 6 out of 7 people like?

Gang r**...

I'm thinking about joining a gang...

that way I always know what to do with my hands in pictures.

Guy dies and is at the pearly gates

St. Peter says: before I can let you in, you must tell me one selfless act you did while alive
Guy says One time i was driving and saw this motorcycle gang harassing a little old lady. I pulled over and went up to the biggest guy punched him square in the face and said - LOOK, if you mess with her, you mess with me
St. Peter said wow, that's pretty impressive, but I don't see it in your records. When exactly did this happen?
The guy said oh, about five seconds ago

What do you call an islamic crime syndicate?

A g**...

A gang of midget burglars broke into a butchers but fled empty handed.

It seems the steaks were too high.

A man failed his gay Latino literature gang initiaton

He didn't do his essay

What's the difference between a gang and the government?

Only one is organized.

My girlfriend said she would break up with me if I said another s**...-Doo quote.

My last words to her were Alright, let's split up gang.

Mozart runs into a bar...

He's scratched and bleeding and can barely stand.
The bartender asks, What's wrong?!? What happened?!?
Mozart gasps as he collapses to the floor, I was just attacked by a wolf gang and now imma dazed!
(Just an awful joke I came up with to brother my bother. )

What do you call a midget in a gang?

A p**... squeak.

A few guys always used to meet up on Fridays after work for a drink.

One Friday, Pete showed up late, sat down forlornly at the bar and knocked back his first beer in one gulp.
'You OK?' asked Bill, another of the gang.
'Not really,' sighed Pete. 'This morning my wife told me that she's rationing our s**... life – she's cutting me back to just once a week. I can't believe it.'
Bill put a consoling arm around Pete's shoulder. 'You think you've got it bad – she's cut some guys off altogether!'

'Everybody's a gangster until they get punched in the mouth.' - Mike Tyson

And after that, everybody's a gangthter.

5 gangsters calmly walk into a bar.

Immediately, a Karen rushes up to them and starts yelling at them to get out.
"What are you doing!?" yells the bartender. "They haven't even been here for two minutes!"
"Well," the Karen retorts. "I've heard that 5G's are bad for the environment!"

Urgent message to all older men...

There has been a terrible spate of robberies by a gang of young women. Their MO is to pull you over on the road and hitch a ride. They always wear skimpy bikinis, then start to rub themselves on you while you're driving in order to distract you. One of them then sneakily steals your wallet. I have already lost four wallets this week. But you can buy cheap wallets at the dollar store.

Wheelchair gang rise up!!!


What do you call a bunch of crows trying to organize a gang?

Attempted m**...

Gang joke, What do you call a bunch of crows trying to organize a gang?

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