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Air tragedy in Newfoundland...

A two-seater single engine Cessna 152 crashed in foggy conditions near the Gander airport, crashing into the nearby cemetery.

Newfie rescue squads have recovered 385 bodies so far, and that number is expected to climb as digging continues.

Why do lesbians shop at Gander Mountain?

Because they don't like Dicks.

Don't believe everything you hear.

I went to the goose store the other day and asked if they had any deals. He said he wasn't sure but to feel free to take a gander. And now here I am, in jail, with my "shoplifted goose".

I was driving with my friend when he pointed out a gaggle of geese in the field next to us.

So I turned my head and took a gander.

I've been looking to get rid of some male geese.

Would you like to take a gander?

What do you call a goose in a tuxedo telling the news?

Media Proper Gander

Train passes a flock of sheep

Passenger says to his friend, wonder how many sheep there are.

His friend takes a quick gander, shrugs, and remarks, Looks like 82.

What? How do you know that??

Easy. I counted their legs and divided by 4.

Just like his father, Kim Jong Un takes a binocular wherever he goes.

For proper gander purposes.

A government run initiative to restore the male geese population is getting a lot of media attention...

Critics are referring to it as proper gander.

Why does everyone listen to the well dressed goose?

He's a proper gander.

I finally realise why it's called a wild goose chase

You're taking a gander somewhere you shouldn't.

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Why did Joseph Goebbels own a pair of binoculars?

For proper gander purposes.

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