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My cousin recently had an operation to become a goose

He's transgander.

Air tragedy in Newfoundland...

A two-seater single engine Cessna 152 crashed in foggy conditions near the Gander airport, crashing into the nearby cemetery.

Newfie rescue squads have recovered 385 bodies so far, and that number is expected to climb as digging continues.

Why do lesbians shop at Gander Mountain?

Because they don't like Dicks.

My wife and I made a list of people we can sleep with if we ever met. She picked Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, and Cam Gigandet

I picked her sister, her cousin, and our neighbor because men are simple like that.

What do you call a goose who has undergone gender reassignment surgery?


I've been looking to get rid of some male geese.

Would you like to take a gander?

What do you call a goose in a tuxedo telling the news?

Media Proper Gander

Just like his father, Kim Jong Un takes a binocular wherever he goes.

For proper gander purposes.

A government run initiative to restore the male geese population is getting a lot of media attention...

Critics are referring to it as proper gander.

What do you call a goose journalist

A Propa-gander

I finally realise why it's called a wild goose chase

You're taking a gander somewhere you shouldn't.

Did you hear about the person who wanted to become a goose?

They're Transgander.

Did you hear about the chicken who became a goose?

It was transgander.

What do you call a Michigander with 30 beer bottles?

Not sure, but theyre soon to be two duecers drunker

Why did Joseph Goebbels own a pair of binoculars?

For proper gander purposes.

Y'all ever heard of the Bangandese? They're a remote tribe in Africa, and

I'd tell you about them... if I weren't so busy Bangandese nuts across yo face

What do you call an alt-right goose?

A propaGander

There once was a salamander selling geese...

His name was salagander.

What's good for the goose is good for the gander...

What is the goose needs a hysterectomy?

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