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I called up GameStop customer support

They told me to hold.

Those hedge funds should have known they'd lose money by shorting GME.

As for us Gamestop customers, we fully expect to sell something for $20 and have to spend $500 when we want to buy it back.

I managed to buy some GameStop stocks at only $8/share!

It is called "GameStop Total Landscaping," right?

When a Gamestop employee dies and goes to Heaven...

Do you think God says "Well you have 3,000 good deeds, but I'm only gonna give you credit for 14 of them."

A man over heard my conversation about GameStop stock and asked me what'a this fuss all about?

I said, Do you want the long or the short story?

Damn baby, are you GameStop?

Because I wanna blow everything I've got on you

With the recent hike in GameStop stocks...

You are able to return something from GameStop and get your money back for the first time.

I called gamestop custsomer service regarding their stocks and was put through after a 30mins wait..

And guess what? They told me to hold.

Ordered a burger at GameStop

Sent it back because it tasted so gamey.

After being shorted by hedge funds, Gamestop, AMC, Blackberry and Nokia are watching those funds cry about their losses

I guess you could say those... companies love misery

Police won't stop anyone looting GameStop

Why would care about $18.53 in merchandise

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So I heard that Gamestop is looking for a Buyer

I'm readying an offer of $3.25 in Store Credit and a subscription to Game Informer.

What do you call the cardboard they throw away at Gamestop?

An ex-box.

You could give the cure to cancer to gamestop

And they'd offer you 3.89$

If I ever had sex with a GameStop employee...

...I'd offer them protection for $2.99

The other day I went to GameStop

I got given a job at Gamestop...

The pay is 12p an hour or 15p in store credit.

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