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A North American arrives in the UK on vacation and needs directions.

Two plus size women with accents are walking by. The Foreigner says excuse me. Do you two gals happen to be from England . One of the women replies No idiot. Wales!!!!

The Foreigner is taken aback. I'm sorry, let me start over he says. Excuse me. Do you two whales happen to be from England?

2 Big Old Gals Were Sitting In A Bar

A man heard them talking and noticed a foreign accent. He asked "are you ladies from Ireland?"

"WALES!!" they both replied

"Oh I'm so sorry!.... Are you two Whales from Ireland???"

Two Gals were sitting at the corner talking ...

One saw her boyfriend coming up the street with a bunch of flowers.
"Oh great" she said. " Now I'll have to lay on my back with my legs spread all weekend."
Her friend replied "Why ? Don't you have a vase ?"

Gals joke, Two Gals were sitting at the corner talking ...

Men that are great cooks tend to be good with the gals

Food for thot

Northern women have PMS

Gals from the south have FTS.
Fixin' to Start

What is your favorite one to two line joke?

Keep em coming boys and gals. This is making my 15 car ride way better!

Modern Technology

Guys and gals. Think about it. While walking on a treadmill you could play Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Don't you love modern technology.

Gals joke, Modern Technology

What do you do then your woman is out of the kitchen?

You go tighten the leash.

sorry gals..

What is the difference between women and batteries?

Batteries have a plus side..

I'm done..

Why are Jews circumcised?

Cuz Jewish gals won't take anything that isnt at least 10% off

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