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Find out more about gallows humour and its roots in humanity's darkest moments. Learn about the executioner as the source of gallows jokes and the purpose it serves in the face of danger, criticism, and treason.

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A man murdered his wife and was sentenced to death.

There was a crowd waiting around the gallows to watch. As the hangman put the noose around his neck, he was asked, Do you have any last words?

The m**... said, Yeah, I have a joke that I came up with while I was waiting.

So, I hadn't showered for a week by the day I killed my wife. I tied her up and told her that I'd cut her apart while she was still alive, and she told me, 'At least cut my nose off first.'

Everyone there burst out laughing. The hangman said, That joke was about something terrible! Why was it so funny?

Well, I believe you can make a joke about any topic funny, said the m**.... After all, good comedy is all about execution.

Donald Trump is standing in the gallows...

The executioner is fitting the rope around his neck.

Below the platform are all the news networks. They are all clamoring for a final statement before the man is hung for his crimes.

Trump simply smiles and shakes his head.

Finally, one question is heard above the roar of the crowd?

"Aren't you worried about dying?" A voice asks.

Trump shrugs his shoulders as he smiles again and shakes his head for the last time.

He replies: "Fake noose."

Manafort and Cohen flip on the President. Trump is convicted of treason. He is 'hung by the neck until dead.' Miraculously, minutes after his hanging, he walks out of the gallows and addresses the press:

"Fake noose, folks."

Why does gallows humor not always have a punchline?

Sometimes, they prefer to keep you hanging.

A journalist is sentenced to die at the gallows, but they run out of rope

He says: "I guess no noose is good news"

Turkish Political Humor

Current Turkish gallows humour: A prisoner goes to the prison library, asks for a specific book. The guard tells him, "we don't have that book... but we do have the author." From Moshik_Temkin on Twitter

A man is brought to the gallows to be executed.

As they're putting the noose around his neck, he's asked if he has any last requests. he asked for a high five. But they left him hanging.

Gallows joke, A man is brought to the gallows to be executed.

How did the beggar survive the gallows?

Poor execution.

What did the Mexican hangman serve his victims as a last meal?

Pico de Gallows

Two men, about to be hung from the gallows

Dave turns to John, and asks:
Dave: Why did the chicken cross the road?
John: I don't know.
Dave: Me neither, but I'll see you on the other side.

Turkish gallows humor

A prisoner goes to the prison library, and asks for a specific book. The guard tells him, "we don't have that book... but we do have the author."

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I asked a criminal what he thought about the gallows?

He said,

"No noose is good noose."

I'm not really fan of gallows humor

It just always leaves me hanging.

Where do criminals like to hang out?

At the gallows.

Why should you never high five someone in the gallows...

Because they always leave you hang'n

What are you doing when you Sentence almost a Dozen Surfers to death by the Gallows?

You're Hanging Ten, Dudes!

Gallows joke, What are you doing when you Sentence almost a Dozen Surfers to death by the Gallows?

No one seems to like my gallows humor.

They get so hung up about it.

Mum, where do I hang the clothes. The hanging line's gone.

Son, just hang them in the gallows. No one would know.

If I'm ever about to be hanged at the gallows I hope they put a horse in front of me.

Atleast then I can say that I was hung like a horse .

What do you call a p**... hanging from the gallows?

A hypotenuse.

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