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Funniest Galaxy Short Jokes

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  1. what do you call a security guard at a Samsung store "A guardian of the galaxys"
    my 11yo told me this one yesterday, and i thought it needed to be shared with the world 🤣
  2. It was announced yesterday that the 2020 summer Olympics in Tokyo will make all of its medals from recycled cellphones. Well, they're going to make the Olympic torch out of a Samsung Galaxy.
  3. Just saw on the news that Apple is suing Samsung: They claim that the Galaxy S3 has copied concepts used on the iPhone 6.
  4. If someone says "Someone in this room has a bomb," I can't rule myself out as a suspect. - Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Note7
  5. What do you call it when there's a movie about the Guardians of the Galaxy before they met Star-Lord? A pre-Quill.
  6. I think Samsung has messed up with my new phone's shipment. I had booked a Galaxy Note ''S7'', not C4.
  7. I made a new mixtape, it was trash Until I played it on my new galaxy note 7, then it was fire
  8. What do you call a security guard working outside of a Samsung shop? A guardian of the galaxy
  9. The store tried to charge me $500 for a Samsung Galaxy knockoff. I said "This is Huawei robbery!"
  10. If someone is the night guard at a Samsung store, does that make them a... Guardian of the Galaxy?

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Galaxy One Liners

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  1. What do you call the security outside of a Samsung Store? Guardians of the Galaxy
  2. If you're the guard at a Samsung store ... Does that make you the guardian of the galaxy?
  3. I finally got my job as a Samsung store guard. Now I'm the Guardian of the Galaxies.
  4. What do you call someone allergic to galaxies? Galactose intolerant.
  5. Samsung have done well with the Galaxy Note 7 Sales are blowing up!
  6. If You Have Never Seen A Galaxy Explode Just head to the nearest Samsung store.
  7. I said this to a mom I met at the park If you were a Galaxy, you'd be the Milfy Way.
  8. I let my kids play on my Samsung Galaxy Note 7... They had a Blast!
  9. I had a sip of the Milky Way galaxy. It turns out I'm galactose intolerant.
  10. What is Micheal Bay's favorite phone? The Galaxy note 7
  11. What kind of soda do the Guardians of the Galaxy drink? Groot Beer!
  12. I call myself the "Guardian of the Galaxy" I work at a Samsung store...
  13. So I bought a Galaxy Note 7 today.. This phone is the bomb
  14. I thought Samsung's would name their next phone Big Bang Cause their Galaxy blew up
  15. What do you call the IT-department of Samsung? The Guardians of the Galaxy!

Galaxy Samsung Jokes

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  • Samsung is permanently stopping production of the Galaxy Note7. At least it went out with a bang.
  • The Apple iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy S8, snapchat Spectacles, and the Amazon Echo Show all came out in 2017. Who won the year? The NSA
  • Why did Samsung make the Galaxy Note 7 waterproof? It can't catch fire underwater... I think.
  • What do you call soft-spoken security guards at the Samsung store? Gaurdians of the Galaxy: Volume 2
  • Don't try to steal anything at the Samsung store The guardians of the galaxy won't be happy.
  • The new Samsung Galaxy S8 was just announced. I hear it's the bomb.
  • BREAKING NEWS: Just in from a correspondent in the Middle East. ISIS to buy all Samsung Galaxy Note 7. #note7
  • Today I become one of the Guardians of the Galaxy. A job of guard at the Samsung store has always been my dream.
  • Samsung announced today a new line of Galaxy phones that are certified to be water resistant... It's nice to know that you won't be able to put out the flames once they catch fire.
  • What do you call the security guards working outside a Samsung mobile store? Guardians of the Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy Jokes

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  • What do you call security guards working outside Samsung mobile shops or showrooms ? Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • My local electronics retailer is having a fire sale. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the hottest item.
  • Samsungs Galaxy Note 7 is really cost effective You get alot of bang for your buck.
  • Samsung will no longer use the name "Galaxy" name on the Note 7... From now on, it's the Samsung Supernova 7.
  • If Apple was the world, Samsung would be the Galaxy
  • Samsung announcement Galaxy Note 8 batteries will NOT be manufactured in Afghanistan.
  • Why did Moses see a burning bush as God? Because God planned on giving him his first tablets then.
    The mistake? They were Samsung Galaxy Note tablets.
  • Samsung announces they will sell refurbished Note 7's New name: Galaxy 451
  • Why did Samsung call it the Galaxy Note 7? Because "Kindle" was taken.
  • ISIS released a new video today In it they claimed responsibility for manufacturing the Samsung Galaxy Note 7
Galaxy joke, ISIS released a new video today

Galaxy Note 7 Jokes

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  • I love this time of the year... when the nights are drawing in, there's a chill in the air & the whole family gathers round a roaring Galaxy Note 7
  • Terrorists now have a brand new state of the art weapon that can be hidden in plain sight The Galaxy Note 7
  • Bad luck today, I have a bout of food poisioning AND I dropped my Galaxy Note 7 in the toilet by mistake :( Talk about explosive diarrhea.
  • The "Lumos/Nox" trick on Android phones is pretty neat. However... I'd advise the Galaxy Note 7 crowd to avoid "Avada Kedavra."
  • What's your favorite phone? Mine is the galaxy note 7 that phone was the bomb
  • The invention of the broom may have swept the nation... ... but the invention of the Galaxy Note 7 really set the world on fire
  • All I can say to galaxy note 7. It's blazing fast.
  • If you think changing the 6 to a 7 in 2016 will make it better Just remember how it turned out for the Galaxy Note 7
  • My Galaxy Note 5 is only one year old today... and I just found out the 7 already exploded onto the scene, blowing expectations.
  • The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was so expensive that... blew a hole in my pocket.

Galaxy Universe Jokes

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  • Where do galaxies go to college? University!
    Happy 1st day back to school to many of you :)
  • After achieving universal peace, the Guardians of the Galaxy settled down and opened a floor tile business. I Am Grout
  • The Galaxy is the greatest rapper alive. It rhymes in universes. :)
  • Why is the universe feminine in nature? Because it's made up of galaxies.
  • Why do they call it the Star Wars Universe? When it's only a galaxy

Galaxy Chocolate Jokes

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  • Why did Yoda need a stepladder in the chocolate shop? Because he was reaching for a galaxy far, far away.
Galaxy joke, Why did Yoda need a stepladder in the chocolate shop?

Laughter Galaxy Jokes for Everyone for Fun and Frivolity

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So we landed a car-sized object on Mars...

...but we have no plans to bring it back. As a matter of fact there's at least 3 of 'em up there. Does this make us the r**... of the Galaxy; leaving our broken down rovers all over our Solar System?

So I made a Guardians of the Galaxy themed soft drink.

I call it Groot beer.

I booked some Star Wars impersonators for my son's birthday, but I've just had a phone call saying that their people carrier's broken down.

All I know is that they're in a Galaxy far, far away.

This may be controversial to most people, but i feel it must be said. I FULLY support flying the rebel flag.

How else are we supposed to show our support and remembrance of the battle of Hoth, and our willingness to topple the empire and bring peace to the galaxy?

What do you call a galaxy full of Brazilians?

The Milky Hue.

Born too late to explore the earth, born too early to explore the Galaxy...

...born too ugly to explore a woman.

What did Douglas Adams say after he finished writing the first chapter of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?

Ah, I've finally put a dent in that book.

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away a man opened a banister decorations store called--

Stair Wares

Born Too Late To Explore The Earth,

Born too early to explore the galaxy,
Born at just the right time to have s**... with virtual reality anime chicks.

I think we already know what's at the center of No Man's Sky's Galaxy


I know why all those Galaxy Note Sevens keep catching fire!

My mix tape comes pre-installed on them.

Girl you make me feel like a Galaxy S7

Cause I want to explode in your pants.

What is the best weapon to combat cyber terrorism?

Galaxy Nuke 7

My boss asked me how many Galaxy Note 7s I ended up selling to the public.

Unfortunately, I couldn't recall.

A Galaxy Phone, an iPhone and a windows phone fall out a top story window.

The galaxy phone bounces with minor cracks.
The iPhone smashes into dozens of pieces.
The windows phone freezes mid decent.

What did Rocket raccoon say after getting stabbed in the back by the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy?

Et tu, Groote?

Alone Guys and Girls

The known universe is made up of 50,000,000,000 galaxies. There are between 100,000,000,000 and 1,000,000,000,000 stars in a normal galaxy. In the Milky Way alone there might be as many 100 billion Earth-like planets. Still think you're alone?

I told my girlfriend we can either have s**..., or I'm leaving to watch Guardians Of The Galaxy.

She said "I'm on my period and Guardians Of The Galaxy is sold out!"
I said, "It's alright, I'll just sneak in through the rear entrance."

When I was at the immigration office, I interrupted an officer answering his phone and told him "Ship them back where they came from. They have a tendency to explode". He arrested me for being Islamophobic.

As I was dragged out, I was yelling "I was talking about your Samsung Galaxy Note 7!"

The director of the "Guardians of the Galaxy" series will not be making the third part

I guess Disney really knows how to fire a Gunn

I'm surprised we haven't heard a peep out of the NRA over the whole Disney/Guardians of the Galaxy thing

Usually they are hellbent on defending anything involving a Gunn.

Why is Guardians of the Galaxy 3 ruined no matter what

You can't unfire a Gunn.

With all this stuff about the Guardians of the Galaxy director being fired,

the biggest surprise is seeing conservatives rally against a Gunn.

You're so ugly...

You are the reason Star Wars takes place in a galaxy far far away!
My son (now 11) came up with this and it cracks me up every time.

What's the best way to smuggle avacado toast across the galaxy?

On the millennial falcon.

Your momma's so fat, last time she wore a glitter dress...

... the Hubble telescope thought it had discovered a new galaxy.

The phone Samsung released after the Note 7 was actually more explosive than it.

It was the Samsung Galaxy S8
p.s I know good jokes don't need explaining but this is an original lame joke. S8 is the chemical formula for Sulfur which is combustible

James Gunn has been brought back as the director of Guardians Of The Galaxy 3

I guess you can unfire a Gunn.

Did you know that God uses Android phones?

It's because he made the galaxy and the apple is forbidden.

I started the biggest rock band in the galaxy.

We're called the Asteroid Belt.

If you want to learn how to draw superheroes start with Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy

He's just a fancy stick figure

Star Wars is about the eternal conflict between two opposing forces. One headhunts children across the galaxy, puts them into a religious cult, indoctrinates them, even forbids them from having a relationship, then sends them off to die in the nearest war.

The other is the Sith.

Party games are so different in the Star Wars galaxy...

For example on Earth you bob for apples, but on Tatooine you Bib Fortuna.

Galaxy joke, Party games are so different in the Star Wars galaxy...

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