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Funny Galax Jokes and Puns

If You Have Never Seen A Galaxy Explode

Just head to the nearest Samsung store.

Where do galaxies go to college?


Happy 1st day back to school to many of you :)

A Galaxy Phone, an iPhone and a windows phone fall out a top story window.

The galaxy phone bounces with minor cracks.

The iPhone smashes into dozens of pieces.

The windows phone freezes mid decent.

Galax joke, A Galaxy Phone, an iPhone and a windows phone fall out a top story window.

I know why all those Galaxy Note Sevens keep catching fire!

My mix tape comes pre-installed on them.

All I can say to galaxy note 7.

It's blazing fast.

My Galaxy Note 5 is only one year old today...

and I just found out the 7 already exploded onto the scene, blowing expectations.

The Galaxy is the greatest rapper alive.

It rhymes in universes. :)

Galax joke, The Galaxy is the greatest rapper alive.

The Galaxy Note 8 leaks have been released online

It reveals that this time the phone will come with a "Detonate Now" app.

Your mama is so fat !

Her star sign constelation,is made out the entire Galax.

What did one galaxy say to the Lagoon Nebula?

Whats up M8?

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