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If You Have Never Seen A Galaxy Explode

Just head to the nearest Samsung store.

I didn't know what to wear to the Premature Ejaculator's Gala...

So I just came in my jeans.

Where do galaxies go to college?


Happy 1st day back to school to many of you :)

A Galaxy Phone, an iPhone and a windows phone fall out a top story window.

The galaxy phone bounces with minor cracks.

The iPhone smashes into dozens of pieces.

The windows phone freezes mid decent.

What do you call a Jewish bread that the Black Panther bakes for Thor's party?

T'calla's challah for the Val'Halla gala.

I was trying to find out where my local pelt-merchant was hosting a Lupine Designs fashion gala for his fellow lycanthropes this year

So I asked Where is the werewolf's wolf-wares warehouse where werewolves wear wolves' wares?

I know why all those Galaxy Note Sevens keep catching fire!

My mix tape comes pre-installed on them.

Gala joke, I know why all those Galaxy Note Sevens keep catching fire!

The Galactic Empire, after the destruction of the Death Star, has taken to bowling during the interim.

The Empire Strikes Back, they call it.

Why did the woman bring toilet paper tot he gala?

She was a party pooper!

Told by my 7 year-old

A man has diarrhea at a gala dinner...

So he tells his wife: "I have diarrhea, but I couldn't make it to the toilet so I've put my underpants in your bag."

To which she responds: "I didn't bring my bag."

What did they say about the Swordsman's outfit at the Met Gala?

That is was very Avant En Garde.

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Sunday, March 4, 2017:

World Chess Championship. The hotel hosts a gala event with food and drink in the hotel lobby. The semi finalists are mingling. The final two are bragging about their respective stratagems for the final match. The desk clerk asks them to hang around. Because we all love to hear.... Two Chess nuts, boasting in an open foyer.

All I can say to galaxy note 7.

It's blazing fast.

How does Galactus like his planets?

Thin crust.

Why didn't galactus consume the milky way?

He was galactose-intolerant.

I'm sorry.

My Galaxy Note 5 is only one year old today...

and I just found out the 7 already exploded onto the scene, blowing expectations.

Gala joke, My Galaxy Note 5 is only one year old today...

The Galaxy is the greatest rapper alive.

It rhymes in universes. :)

The Galaxy Note 8 leaks have been released online

It reveals that this time the phone will come with a "Detonate Now" app.

Why is the Galactic Empire (Star Wars) so bad for you?

Because of its saturated Fett content!

Muslim students at Glasgow Caledonian University are talking about having a gala day

This is the first step towards an Islamic Caley fete.

What did one galaxy say to the Lagoon Nebula?

Whats up M8?

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