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No one in here better be making any jokes about Fred Phelps' death

God hates gags.

A student visits his teacher man early in the morning

And sits on in a chair. The teacher man looks up and offers the pupil a cup of coffee.

"Sure, I'll take a mug of joe," says the student.

The teacher pours a cup, and gives it to the kid. The student takes a sip, and nearly gags.

"The is terrible! Seriously! What is this, mud??"

"Well," the professor replies, "it was ground just this morning."

Mythology gags, anyone?

What can kill you with a glance and goes "Hittthhh"?

The Basilisp.

Gags joke, Mythology gags, anyone?

Does anyone know any good gags?

Said Kim's robber.

My stand-up routine about one-legged men trying to drink each other's warm vomit was never successful

Too many lame gags

Why don't oxen laugh at funny gags?

*Because the yokes on them!*

I was watching Pulp Fiction again and... flatmate pops in and says, " Why are you watching this again?, you have seen it a thousand times already."

"Just for the gags"

Gags joke, I was watching Pulp Fiction again and...

One of America's Longest Running Gags...

Trickle-down Economics

They say the #metoo movement is about giving a voice to the victims of sexual harassment

Maybe people would understand them better if the priests took the gags out of the boys' mouths first?

The two year anniversary of Fred Phelps death was on Saturday. I hope no one made any tasteless jokes about his passing.

After all, God hates gags.

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