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I tried using a thesaurus to find synonyms for useless.

The result was futile.

Resistance is not futile...

It's voltage divided by current.

A falling Borg has no terminal velocity...

...Air resistance is futile.

Futile joke, A falling Borg has no terminal velocity...

Scientists planned to verify if Schroedingers thought experiment prevails on Mars

but sadly Curiosity killed the cat, rendering the experiment futile.

What does a nihilistic Borg say?

Existence is futile.

What did the Borg's existential brother say (Star Trek)?

Existence is futile.

I finally had sex with my crush, like a borg

Her resistance was futile.

Futile joke, I finally had sex with my crush, like a borg

Throwing a life preserver to someone drowning in boiling oil is a futile act...

Unless of course that life preserver is made of dough.

Finding a corner in a sphere is futile.

It's pointless

Bad punz 1

Got electrocuted at work today.
Didn't think That would happen to me.
I was shocked.

I know you're trying not to laugh,
But give up.
Resistance is futile.

This post isn't going anywhere.
One could say it appears to be static.

It Has taken all my will power to type these.
I hate my current self.

Pls comment "NO PART 2 PLS GOD NO" so i can die a happy man.

After Thanksgiving a woman continually finds her husband rummaging through the fridge...

... ravenously devouring leftovers from their Thanksgiving feast. It gets to the point where she begins to get worried and asks, "Honey can you stop eating like that? You aren't even heating your food!" To which the husband replies, "Everyone knows it is futile to try and quit cold turkey!"

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I was installing a new kitchen backsplash the other day, when I started to run low on materials...

my issue proved to be futile.

There is always resistance,

but it is futile.

Why is there so much electricity in space?

because "Resistance is futile."

For the Geeky Engineer drone...

So they put another engineer onto our team, His name is Ian Bradley, he is the guy that checks data flow down curcuits, making sure nothing is getting held up or slowed down.

I got an email from him the other day,
the header was
Resistors are Futile

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