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A man takes off his shirt in the gym.

A blonde comes up to him and says, wow what a great chest you have! The man replies, Thats one hundred pounds of dynamite babe. The man then takes off his pants. The blonde says, Wow! What great calf's you have! The man then replies, that's two hundred pounds of dynamite babe. The man then takes of his underwear. The blonde runs off screaming in fear. When the man catches up to her he asks, Why did you run away? The blonde replies, I didn't wanna be around all that dynamite when I saw how short the fuse was!

Two kids watch a pot-bellied man undress in a changing room,

One of them say "What is in your tummy that makes it so round?" To have some fun the pot-bellied man says, "A bomb". Dumbfounded the second child says, "What a short fuse!"

I was admiring my naked body in the mirror today, when I said to my wife, "Look at this! 200 pounds of pure dynamite!"

My wife replied, "Too bad about the two inch fuse!"

Fuse joke, I was admiring my naked body in the mirror today, when I said to my wife, "Look at this! 200 pounds

Man looked his naked body in the mirror says to wife-look 75 kg of pure dynamite

Wife says: but shame on the 5 cm fuse

I caught my daughter chewing on our neighbour's electrical cable...

Thankfully, they didn't press charges

But, I had to ground her and keep her at ohm

She's doing better currently

And conducting herself properly

But she's still on a short fuse, as there seems to be some confission as to what she did wrong.

What do you get when you fuse a short man and a tall woman?

Your medical licence revoked, sicko.

If you asked an electrician to change a fuse, and he does..

He has refused -

Fuse joke, If you asked an electrician to change a fuse, and he does..

I'm made out of pure dynamite!

An elder couple wakes up together and kiss each other a good morning.

After that, the man stands up, picks up his weights and starts lifting them.

The man says: "Do you see this? I'm made out of pure dynamite!"

His wife looks up, with one eyebrow lifted, and says: "Too bad about the short fuse..."

(I hope it's clear because my English isn't so great)

My girlfriend is the star of the local police department's bomb squad.

When asked what is her secret to such skilled techniques, she responded:

Plenty of practice every night with a short fuse and explosions that go off early.

My new nick name didn't work.

My friend said if another guy tries to hit on her with a fake name, she'd blow a fuse.

To which I replied, "Hey nice to meet you, I'm A fuse."

What did the fuse say when it blew out?

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

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A man looking at himself in the mirror exclaims to his wife "Check out these 200 lbs. of pure dynamite!"

To which she replies without hesitation: "Yeah too bad the fuse is too short..."

What do you get when you fuse Arab and Indian food?

Explosive Diarrhea

Look At Me Darling

Man Looked His Naked Body In Mirror And Said To The Wife Man: "Look 70 Kgs Of Pure Dynamite" Wife Smiled And Reply: "But Shame On The 5cm Fuse"

This 4th of July, remember: Alcohol and Fireworks do NOT mix

Spilling even a little beer on a fuse can ruin fireworks.

It's 2116, and the only thing my robot wife can blow properly... a fuse.

Fuse joke, It's 2116, and the only thing my robot wife can blow properly...

What do you get if you fuse an elephant and a rhino?

'ell if I know.

2018 fireworks, light fuse and get away.

If I had a slice of bread for EVERY gender out there.
I could make ONE sandwich.

What do you get when you fuse Japanese and French together...?

Really gay with a sword

How do you rile up an electrician but calm down a hostage?

Blow a fuse.

[NSFW] Did you hear about the guy who sucked off a transistor?

Turns out he blew a fuse.

An electrician gets to the ICU part of a hospital....

He sees the patients all connected to life support machines and say :

" You guys better take a deep breath, i'm going to change the fuse. "

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