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If a furry says they're sorry... it an anthropology?

Definition of a spider, to someone who is afraid of spiders.

Spiders are just furry eight-leggedy things, think of them as two kittens taped together and you'll be fine.

What do you call a semiaquatic, furry little animal than never amounted to anything in it's life?

An *otter* failure (I'll see myself out)

Furry joke, What do you call a semiaquatic, furry little animal than never amounted to anything in it's life?

What do you call an all panda furry orgy?


What's furry and filled with red lights?


A spinoff of Zootopia would have lampooned any people from a certain fandom who drew NSFW pictures of the two leads and shipped them.

Alas, *Furry Vengeance* was already taken.

So I read on a website to "treat your furry friend once a week."

So I bought him two tickets to Zootopia.

Furry joke, So I read on a website to "treat your furry friend once a week."

What did the large furry mammal say when the salamander who kept asking for favors went too far?

I can't bear it! You axolotl of me this time!

What is furry and red all over?

A wolf eating a baby.

(Just wanted to know if dead baby jokes still hit a note)

Why are there so many furry flat earthers?

Because they don't have Occam's Razor.

I've recently been experimenting with the furry lifestyle.

I think it really *suits* me.

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What's the similarity between a joke and a small, cute, furry mammal?

They both die when dissected

What do you call a submissive furry?

A subwoofer

I met a furry dominatrix with an amazing sound system

You wouldn't believe how many sub woofers she has.

If you have sex with a Furry...

It's considered Animal Abuse.

What kind of car does a furry drive?

A Murrcedes.

Furry joke, What kind of car does a furry drive?

You should never divorce a furry.

I don't remember why, but I think it's an old wife's tail.

I dated a furry once

The relationship didn't work out, she was a cheetah

What do you call a furry that sometimes cosplays as star wars characters?


Im currently at a furry convention in Pittsburgh and I'm having a nice conversation with a furry.

What do you call a furry frog?

A ribbit.

What do you call a furry that is into bdsm?

A subwoofer.

What did Beethoven say to his hairy piano playing dog, Lise?

"Come here, furry Lise."

Why did the fetishist come so quickly?

He had an appointment and was in a furry.

"i turned into a furry, i was curious and got carried away"

"I would say curiosity killed the cat but... curiosity turned you into one."

What do you call a furry that just had sex?

A stuffed animal.

What do you call a furry hip hop group?

the uwu-tang clan

What does a furry thats had a stroke look like


I went on a date last night and I knew the girl was a little kinky but then she showed me the furry outfit she wanted me to wear...

It gave me paws.

Did you hear about the orgy at the Furry convention?

It was Pandemonium.

What would Mario's name be if he were a furry?


What do you call a furry that likes to be on the bottom in bed?

A subwoofer

Pacman must be a furry

Because he keeps going UWU~UWU~UWU~UWU

I walked in on my son making out with his girlfriend. "Oh, woah, what's this?" I asked. He's been avoiding me ever since...

... and keeps mumbling something about me being a "furry"

If Dracula were a furry, what would his name be?


The FBI was following a furry.

They were on his tail.

What do you get when you ask a furry to build a computer?

LenOWO, with WinRAWR pre-installed.

What do you call a furry that was blended into ice cream?

A McFurry.

I dated an older furry once...

She was a cougar

You think your day was bad? Imagine being miles and miles away from home, hot and sweaty from the 50 pound uniform you're wearing , people don't accept you. They think you're a monster. Thank god there's other people like me or I wouldn't be able to handle being here .

Thank god for the furry convention.

What do you call a furry who doesn't bathe?

A furry

There are two wolves inside of you.

You're at a furry convention after hours.

I have green skin, a nose three times the size of the horn on my head, four brown teeth and my neck is covered in furry scales... what am I?


What does furrys and fastfood lovers have together?

They both love hot dogs

So I dated a furry once

I didnt know he was a furry at the time.

After a while, he showed me his true collars

My friend told me he is attracted to Christmas trees and people in animal costumes

He identifies as a douglas furry

If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck...

It's a furry, cuz ducks shouldn't be talking

First trip to the USA

My friend and I visited the USA. We landed at LAX and after an epoch, we cleared Homeland Security and got our luggage.

My friend immediately pulled out a pair of brown, furry, shoulder length gloves and pulled them on. I stared at him. He looked ridiculous - the gloves even had claws.

"What are you doing??" I asked incredulously.

""Exercising my freedom. Now I'm here, I have the right to Bear arms!"

What kind of car does a furry drive?

A subuwu

What does a furry reads to know his future ?

An owoscope

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