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Funny Furries Jokes and Puns

What do call a Hip Hop group that consists of furries?

The Uwu-Tang Clan.

What do you call a shadow government ran by furries?

The uwuminati

What is a furries favorite computer program?


Furries joke, What is a furries favorite computer program?

Whats a furries favorite news channel?

Fox News

What kind of cars do furries drive?


You find a large grouping of furries in the wild. What're they called?

A convention.

Furries are like Bane,

No one cared who they were until they put on the mask.

Furries joke, Furries are like Bane,

What is a gathering of furries called?

A Purrrrrgatory.

Where do furries go for an oil change?

Yiffy lube

How do furries unzip their files?


What do you call a bunch of furries, an all girls volleyball meet, and a video game tournament?

Genesis 3.

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How do furries have sex?


I masturbated at a zoo today and got kicked out.

But come on, they look exactly like furries!

Why don't furries shake hands?

It's a faux paw.

What is a furries favorite drink?


What do furries dress up as on Halloween?


Furries joke, What do furries dress up as on Halloween?

Apparently, married women over sixty are "more likely to become furries".

I think it's an old wive's tale

Why doesn't anyone listen to complaints by Furries?

Because they only have furs twirled problems.

Statistics show people stop being Furries when they stop believing in God

Turns out there are no atheists in fox-holes

If most furries use owo...

Does that mean sheep furries use ewe?

How do furries measure their height?

In furlongs.

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