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What does furrys and fastfood lovers have together?

They both love hot dogs

If a furry says they're sorry... it an anthropology?

What does a furry reads to know his future ?

An owoscope

Furr joke, What does a furry reads to know his future ?

What do you get when you ask a furry to build a computer?

LenOWO, with WinRAWR pre-installed.

What is a furries favorite computer program?


Im currently at a furry convention in Pittsburgh and I'm having a nice conversation with a furry.

Why are there so many furry flat earthers?

Because they don't have Occam's Razor.

Furr joke, Why are there so many furry flat earthers?

What's furry and filled with red lights?


Furries are like Bane,

No one cared who they were until they put on the mask.

What does a furry thats had a stroke look like


What would Mario's name be if he were a furry?


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Why don't furries shake hands?

It's a faux paw.

Where do furries go for an oil change?

Yiffy lube

How do furries unzip their files?


How do furries have sex?


What does a furry say when having a gun pointed at them?


Furr joke, What does a furry say when having a gun pointed at them?

What is a furries favorite drink?


What do furries dress up as on Halloween?


How much does a furry suit cost?

Your dignity

I design fake animal tails. It's for that reason that I'm not exactly popular...

But I've made a few furr ends

If most furries use owo...

Does that mean sheep furries use ewe?

What is furry and red all over?

A wolf eating a baby.

(Just wanted to know if dead baby jokes still hit a note)

How do furries measure their height?

In furlongs.

Why are furries always found guilty at trial?

A furry curries only fury from a jury.

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