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Funny Furnace Jokes and Puns

I thought I heard one of the kids opening the furnace earlier

Then I remembered the handle was on the outside.

My wife got very upset at the funeral the other day, wailing and thumping the coffin with her fists

And Jeeeeez, you should've heard her when she went in the furnace.

An investigation was carried out by a foundry...

since somehow people were getting a hold of their new ingots before they started selling them publicly. They investigated the entire foundry and found out that the man in charge of working the furnace was selling the ingots illegally, under the table. This only proves that he who smelt it, dealt it.

(fyi I don't know anything about metalworks or smelting at all. If I used any of these terms incorrectly, sorry.)

Furnace joke, An investigation was carried out by a foundry...

My furnace broke down on me.

So I'm having a housewarming party.

Yo momma's so poor,

when I stepped on a lit match

in her house, she yelled

"Who turned off the furnace"!

The best housewarming gift...

is a furnace

What is Donald Trump's favorite word salad?

Longing. Rusted. Seventeen. Daybreak. Furnace. Nine. Benign. Homecoming. One. Freight car.

Furnace joke, What is Donald Trump's favorite word salad?

My mother-in-law made a real exhibition of herself at the funeral, crying and wailing

Especially when she went in the furnace.

What do you call a cat on fire?

A fur-nace

My wife and I haven't stopped fighting since the furnace broke

Well, at least the arguments are getting heated

If I had a dollar for every cold ex joke I've made

Maybe then I'd be able to afford a furnace to warm her up

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Frigid Wife

I have a friend who says his wife is so frigid that when he finally gets her legs spread, the furnace kicks on.

Why does it suck to be black and Jewish?

You have to sit at the back of the furnace.

I dropped my phone into the clay furnace

That's how I bricked my phone.

Why would it be bad to be a black Jew? would have stand in the back of the furnace! (Just jokes guys no hate here )

The cupcakes in the furnace

There were two cupcakes inside an oven. One turns to the other and says:

Cupcake 1: Man, it's really hot in here...


Furnace joke, The cupcakes in the furnace

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