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The furniture store keeps calling me back.....

But all I wanted was that one nightstand.

I wish the furniture store would stop calling me.

I just wanted the one night stand :/

This furniture store keeps emailing me...

All I wanted was one night stand!

Furn joke, This furniture store keeps emailing me...

The furniture store won't stop calling me...

All I wanted was one nightstand.

The furniture store keeps calling me nonstop.

All I wanted was a one night stand.

I'm going to be a furniture store entrepreneur one day.

My first store will be called "Sofa Kingdom".

My second store will be called "Ottoman Empire."

Then people will say "That's Sofa Kingdom also."

Why did the furniture store donate so much?

They have a lot of chair-ity

Furn joke, Why did the furniture store donate so much?

My furnace broke down on me.

So I'm having a housewarming party.

A furniture store keeps calling me...

All I wanted was one nightstand


A blonde walks into a department store and tells the salesman, "Hi, I'm looking to buy a sexual sofa."

The salesman, at first confused, suggests, "Oh, ma'am you must mean a *sectional* sofa, right?"

The blonde replies, "No I'm pretty sure it's a sexual sofa, my husband said he'd like an occasional piece in the living room."

furniture disease

i just got home from the doctor's and i have really bad news.
turns out i have the furniture disease.
its where your chest hangs down past your drawers

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There's furniture items that allow SFW swearing.

That's sofa king nice.

I used to go to the furniture store a lot more when I was younger

But I haven't been in about 2 years because I've had 0 interest for 24 months.

The furniture in my room always makes me depressed

It makes me want to kill my shelf

Why should you never go in to a furniture store with a constipated man?

He can never pass a stool

Furniture shopping

An old favorite which might bear more than one telling is the one about the lady who visited a furniture store and ask to see a sexual couch.

The salesman, masking his amusement, politely asked, Don't you perhaps mean a section couch, madam?

No, no, she replied emphatically, I'm sure my interior decorator told me I should have a sexual couch for an occasional piece in the living room.

Furn joke, Furniture shopping

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