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Top 10 of the Funniest Funky Jokes and Puns

Just found this Sub and it made my day.

It was half eaten and tasted kinda funky though.

Did you guys hear about the new museum opening in Paris for funky music?

It's called the Grouvre.

medina spirit was disqualified for a second failed drug test

experts described the horse's urine sample as "funky, cold"

the barista at my coffee shop talked me into trying a funky new coffee.

I took a drink and told her it tasted like dirt and she said, "well that's cuz it's fresh ground."

A theater owner has a smudge on his sign

He climbs the ladder to clean it, but he is afraid of heights and soils himself, causing his underwear to stick to him uncomfortably. He now has two problems:





Marquee mark and the funky bunch

I'm so sorry

"Play that funky music white boy!"

White boy: "Okay, here's wonderwall"

What's funky and fits in a cardboard box?

A homeless epileptic.

What does Mark Wahlberg eat for breakfast?

Funky Bunches of Oats

What did the baker say about her co-worker who never sleeps and always smells funky?

At yeast he's a fungi.

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