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Funny Fungus Jokes and Puns

How much room do you need to grow fungus?

As mushroom as possible.

What did the algae say to the fungus about their symbiotic relationship?

I'm lichen it

Freddy the fungus and Alice the algae met one another and...

they took a lichen to each other

Fungus joke, Freddy the fungus and Alice the algae met one another and...

I really didn't like this fungus joke at first

But it's growing on me

Want to know how someone with foot fungus feels?

Just step into their shoes.

Why is the fungus such a hypocrite?

because it doesn't have mushroom to talk.

I was going to grow a fungus farm in my backyard

but there wasn't mushroom.

Fungus joke, I was going to grow a fungus farm in my backyard

If a fungus was being mean

would you call it a shit-talky mushroom?

A female fungus asked a male fungus to a date...

He replied, I always knew I was a fungi.

What did the fungus say to the tree?

I think I've taken a lichen to ya.

I used to hate toe fungus...

But now it's really growing on me

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Have you met the charismatic fungus on my feet?

He really grows on you.

Why didn't the fungus continue to grow?

It didn't have mush room.

What did the algae say to the fungus after the dinner together?

"I'm already lichen you."

What do you call a funny fungus?

A pungi.

What do you call a fungus that wants to fight you?

shit-talking mushroom

Fungus joke, What do you call a fungus that wants to fight you?

I didn't use to like fungus

but then it grew on me

Three hikers are in the woods...

...and they come across a rock with some strange life form growing on it.

The first hiker exclaims: "Wow, look at this amazing fungus!"

The second hiker replies: "Nah, that looks more like moss to me."

Says the third: "Well, I know what I'd lichen it to."

Whats the difference between a dutch prostitute and a pizza?

You can remove the fungus from the pizza if you want to.

What do you call it when a fungus hits you below the belt?

Bad sporesmanship!

Which country has the most number of bacteria, viruses, fungus and other micro-organisms?


I always wanted to be the fun guy.

So first I quit my job of drilling holes on the ground.
Then, I got fungus on both of my feet.

[OC] I wouldn't call myself a fan of fungus

But it is starting to grow on me

Did you know that the largest living organism is a fungus?

I bet it needs much room.

Me: "Dad, how did you learn to live with that fungus?"

Dad: "it grows on you"

What's a mole's favorite fungus?


I didn't use to like parasitic fungus.

But it starting to grow on me.

A fungus walks into a bar...

and meets another of its kind. They hit it off immediately, until the bartenders says "you look like really fun guys!".

Why did the mushroom go to the party?

It didn't. Fungus is not capable of having a social life.

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