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How much room do you need to grow fungus?

As mushroom as possible.

In my outdoor nature class I pointed out some lichen growing on granite and taught them the mnemonic Freddie fungus took a likin' to Alice algae to teach them about the symbiotic relationship. One 5th grade boy responded

Looks like their relationship is on the rocks. He'll make a great dad some day.

I really didn't like this fungus joke at first

But it's growing on me

I was going to grow a fungus farm in my backyard

but there wasn't mushroom.

The kind of joke that should have been invented by a six year old, but instead by me, a thirtysomething: What kind of fungus grows on a cow?

a mooooshroom

(I don't know if I can actually claim credit as an inventor of this joke, but I've never heard it anywhere)

I had a foot fungus I was going to try to get rid of

But then it really started growing on me.

I used to hate toe fungus...

But now it's really growing on me

Have you met the charismatic fungus on my feet?

He really grows on you.

Why didn't the fungus continue to grow?

It didn't have mush room.

Three hikers are in the woods...

...and they come across a rock with some strange life form growing on it.

The first hiker exclaims: "Wow, look at this amazing fungus!"

The second hiker replies: "Nah, that looks more like moss to me."

Says the third: "Well, I know what I'd lichen it to."

[OC] I wouldn't call myself a fan of fungus

But it is starting to grow on me

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Me: "Dad, how did you learn to live with that fungus?"

Dad: "it grows on you"

I didn't use to like parasitic fungus.

But it starting to grow on me.

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