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Make your friends laugh with a few funny fungi jokes! Have you heard the one about the morel mushroom? Enjoy a selection of jokes and puns about mushrooms, fungus, and other types of fungal life.

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Funniest Fungi Short Jokes

Short fungi jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The fungi humour may include short fungus jokes also.

  1. Why did the mushroom go to the party? 'Cos he's a fungi!
    Why didn't he get in?
    There wasn't mushroom!
  2. What did one fungi say to another fungi when they got married? I want to grow mold with you.
  3. Classic Why'd the mushroom go to the party?
    Cause he's a fungi!
    Why'd the fungi leave the party?
    Cause there wasn't mushroom!
  4. Why was the mushroom invited to the party? Because he was a fungi!
    But why was he asked to leave?
    Because there wasn't mushroom…
  5. A mushroom walks into a bar. Bartender says to it "We don't serve your kind here."
    Mushroom says "But, why? I'm a fungi!"
  6. When my friend takes shrooms, he instantly becomes the life of the party. What a fungi to be around.
  7. A mushroom walks into a bar. The bartender says sorry I can't serve you. The mushroom replies why not, I'm a fungi.
  8. Who do you hang out with, a strawberry, a celery stick or a mushroom? The mushroom because he's a fungi.
  9. Why does everyone like hanging out with Mr. Mushroom? Because he is a fungi
  10. My friend recently passed away after eating some poisonous mushrooms It's pretty sad, he was a really fungi!

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Fungi One Liners

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  1. How much space is needed for fungi to grow? As mushroom as possible.
  2. What did the claustrophobic fungi say to his friends? There's not mushroom in here
  3. How much room does fungi need to grow ? As mushroom as possible
  4. What do you call a fungi extremist? spore-radical.
  5. Toad was always my favorite Mario character He just seems like a fungi.
  6. Why did I invite a mushroom to my cake day party? Because he was a fungi
  7. Why is the mushroom always invited to parties? Because he's a fungi!
  8. Why did Mario always bring Toad to parties? Toad was a fungi.
  9. What do you call a mushroom with a 10-inch stem? A fungi to be with.
  10. Why did everyone invite mushroom to the party? Because he's a fungi.
  11. My mushroom just cracked a hilarious joke I have a feeling he is a Fungi
  12. Why does Portobello keep telling good jokes? He's a fungi
  13. Why did the Fungi leave the party? Because there wasn't mushroom
  14. Why did Princess peach choose Toad? Because he seemed like such a fungi
  15. Why did the mushroom want to goto a party? Because he was sure he was a fungi

Mushroom Fungi Jokes

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  • Have you noticed that there is no mention of any kind of mushroom on middle earth, through the entire LOTR trilogy? It was created by a non fungi-ble Tolkien
  • Why was the mushroom invited to the party? He was a fungi.
    Why wsn't the toadstool invited?
    He was toxic.
  • What happened to the fungi who moved into a New York apartment? He didn't have mush-room
  • Whats the difference between stormtroopers haveing a party and mushrooms being picked? One's bad guys having a fun time the other ones fungi having a bad time!
  • Why is the mushroom so fun at parties? He's a fungi.
  • I always have fungi where I live, you see... After all, there's not mushroom for error.
  • What do you call a mushroom that goes into a bar and buys drinks for everyone all night long? Fungi to be around!
  • Why was the mushroom invited to all the best parties? He was a fungi!
  • My father says he works with a guy who has a mushroom growing out of his head I've never met him but he sounds like a fungi
  • How do you tell the gender of a mushroom? It's either a fungi, or fungal.
Fungi joke, How do you tell the gender of a mushroom?

Quirky and Hilarious Fungi Jokes to Let the Chuckles Begin.

What funny jokes about fungi you can tell and make people laugh? An example I can give is a clean bacteria jokes that will for sure put a smile on everyones mouth and help you make fungi pranks.

Why wasn't the flower invited to the house party?

Because he wasn't a fungi

What did the mushroom put in his bio for the online dating service?

Im a fungi

What did the Plant say to the exciting mushroom

You look like a fungi.

Why was the mushroom happy?

Because he was a fungi.

Why does Princess Peach keep Toad around?

He's a fungi to be with

Why was the mushroom a hit at parties?

Because he was a *fungi*

What do you call rude fungi?

Shiit-talking mushrooms

I used to be called the mushroom in high school

Because I was a real fungi. (Don't hate me)

My friend became the life of the party after he took some shrooms.

What a fungi to be around.

A mushroom goes into a bar

and orders a beer. The bartender says, 'We don't serve your kind here." The mushroom says, "Why not? I'm a fungi."

I hear mushrooms are good for your social life.

They'll make you a really fungi.

What did one mushroom say to the other?

You're a fungi to be with

I didn't like the fungi at first,

But then it grew on me.

Have you ever met Fun Gus?

He's a fungi

Why was the mushroom invited to the party?

He had a connection to a guy who could get cheap beer when buying in bulk, and he had connections to a family member of the host.
Oh and he was a fungi.

What did the Eukaryote become when he realized he wasn't a fungi, plant, or animal?

A Protist-er
I'll Leave Now

Why did everyone want to hang out with a mushroom?

Cause he was a fungi.

Why shouldn't you live in a house with Fungi?

Because there's not Mush-room!

what do Tumblr users and fungi have in common?

they both have over 60 thousand genders

Which direction do fungi travel?


Why did the fungi bring beer and bread to the party?

It was the yeast he could do.

Why wasn't the fungi let into the party?

There wasn't mushroom

A guy I hate started doing shrooms

Since then he's become a fungi

What do you call bacteria that likes to party?

A fungi

Why does everyone like the mushroom?

Because he is a fungi.
Thanks to my niece for making me chuckle today.

If I had to choose to hang out with either Mario, Luigi or Toad. I'd pick Toad.

He seems like a fungi.

Have you ever met the coolest mushroom in town?

You should, he's a real fungi.

Mr Mushroom just couldn't figure out why he wasn't popular at the party?

He thought he was a fungi.

Why was the mushroom the life of the party?

Because he is a pretty fungi

I once knew a mushroom...

He was a fungi.

I know a mycologist..

He's a fungi

A female f**... asked a male f**... to a date...

He replied, I always knew I was a fungi.

Why did the mushroom go to the party?

Because he's a fun-gi

Toad seems so chill when he hangs out with Mario.

He's such a fungi

What do you call a hilarious mushroom

A fungi

Mario, why don't you want to hang out with Toad? Peach asked.

He's a fungi.

Have you met my friend the mushroom?

He a real fun-gi

I love Toad from Super Mario

you know, the little guy with the mushroom head. He always made me laugh.
He's a real fungi.

The song of the fungi is actually quite beautiful

He's decomposer

why did the mushroom have a lot of friends?

because he was a fungi
(credit goes to the great comedian Mel B and the joke book she read it from)

A mushroom went to up to a clown

And asked to join the his act, the clown then refused to let him in because he was a mushroom. The mushroom then said "why not? I'm a fungi!".

What did one mushroom say to his friend?

"You're a fun-gi!"

What do you call a comedian who is neither a plant or an animal?

A fungi.

Why do the fungi go to church today?

Because it's yeaster.

A jolly mushroom

Is also a Fungi!

I just met the lead singer of Mushroomhead

He seems like a fungi

A mushroom finds a boy

Mushroom:so I met this guy
Caterpillar:is he nice
Well he's nice and he's a real fun-gi

What did the funny biology teacher tell to his class full of homosexual students?

I'm a fungi and you're algae!

Scientists say they may be able to synthesize a completely clean biofuel using the enzymes in finely shredded fungi, such as mushrooms...

Some critics have questioned the ethics of the process, but admit they are comforted by the researchers' strong Morel fibre.

I used to hate foot fungi

But then it really grew on me.

I would make a fungi fun-guy joke...

...but those are overused. Too bad there isn't mushroom for other f**... jokes.

Fun guy helping daughter prep for her science test

Last night I pulled a classic dad joke on my daughter. Normally this would make anyone groan but because my daughter is cool like me she loved it.
We were studying for her science vocabulary test. When we came to the word organism
she said:
Any living thing. Like an animal, plant or fungi
I said:
You know people think I'm a fun guy (fungi)
(Pause) she looks at me….
Oh I get it! then we laugh as she explains the joke I made. She's 9.
Classic… My daughter is going to make a great dad one day…

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