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My bank account was hacked!!!

The hacker was so disappointed, he started a fundraiser for me.

So my family and I go past a nursing home...

There are balloons on the sign. My wife says "maybe someone had a birthday", my daughter says "maybe it's for a fundraiser", and then my son says "maybe someone they didn't like died and they are celebrating"


For pi day, my friend was selling pies as a fundraiser, so because I love pie, I decided to buy two.

I went from 0 to 2π.

I went absolutely nowhere.

Fundraiser joke, BAD MATH JOKE TIME.

I'm Starting a Fundraiser to Help Restore Sight to Seniors with Degenerative Eye Problems.

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Gary Johnson is at a fundraiser

Gary Johnson is at a fundraiser for the upcoming election. Worn out from being in the spotlight, he propositions a hooker and heads to a hotel room. Once inside, they rip their clothes off and start making out. She throws him on the bed and seductively asks "Do you enjoy felacio?" He looks at her with a blank face:

"Man, can't anyone cut me a break?"

A man rode a bicycle from Utsjoki to Helsinki to raise money for a fundraiser

When a news team came along to interview, all he said was "it was a fun trip from start to Finnish"

Did you hear about the fundraiser for the school's stoner club?

It was a baked sale.

Fundraiser joke, Did you hear about the fundraiser for the school's stoner club?

My newest girlfriend broke up with me after we lost a one legged race fundraiser.

She says we got off on the wrong foot.

What did the man with no legs say at a prosthetics fundraiser?

"Finally, a cause I can stand for!"


Why did the priest sell chocolate covered almonds at the fundraiser?

Because there's no nut like a religious nut.

I bought some raffle tickets from a local charity for a big fundraiser and won the early bird prize.

It was a worm.

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In response to Wikipedia's "price of a cup of coffee is all we need" fundraiser. I like my coffee like my wikipedia.


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