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Funny Funded Jokes and Puns

The Russian Agency of Research and Automation has came up with a new machine to make gloves for the pandemic that are superior to all others , they have named it in honour of Putin who funded the project

It is called RARA's Grasp-Putin, Russia's greatest glove machine

What do you call a potato that becomes US President and silences the news, silences government agencies, silences government funded science and ends international treaties?

A dic-tater.

What Saudi funded event ended in a massive collapse on 9/11?

Hillary Clinton's campaign.

Why was Trump excited to move into the Whitehouse?

Because he loves kicking black families out of government funded housing!

What do you call a kickstarter funded mainly by germans?


What's the difference between abortion and terrorism?

Terrorism is funded by the US government!

How many congressmen does it take to run a government?

This post is government funded, please check back after the shutdown has ended and funding has resumed.

I like my women how I like my toll pass

Funded and mounted

Trump says that the Special Olympics will still be funded despite DeVos' plan.

This is presumably so Eric and Don Jr can still compete.

If the United Nations funded the creation of a Were-Wolf

Would it be a supra-national creature?

After many years of government funded research, science finds a cure for dehydration.


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What's the difference between a state funded University and a for-profit college?

For-profit colleges are honest

Drowsy driving is just as dangerous as drunk driving and Turkeys cause drowsiness when eaten, so buy hams instead.

*This ad was funded by A Fuckton of Turkeys*

Shouldn't conservatives advocate for publicly funded abortion clinics?

The waiting lines will become so long, the baby will practically be born by the time the mother gets to the clinic.

What pest extermination company is funded by the government?

The police.

Did you hear about the government funded study that found that vicious but restrained dogs could have a sobering effect on people using LSD?

It was a taxes chained-dog acid-cure.

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