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This article explores how humor and functional programming intersect, exploring how jokes about functional groups, patriarchy, and other seemingly esoteric topics can be used to strengthen relationships, spread knowledge, and celebrate unconditional acceptance. Explore these unique humor styles and how they can be utilized to bring people together.

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I'm the kind of guy that knows what every woman really wants

Pockets. Women want fully functional pockets.

Once you stop doing functional programming...

You never return

An unfortunate business idea

I once started a restaurant inside an airplane that was no longer functional. Sadly, it never took off.

My girlfriend is weird. Sometimes she wants my time, then sometimes suddenly she wants her space

We don't seem to have established a functional continuum

So they finally made an affordable and functional jetpack

The sales are through the roof

At an ecumenical round-table discussion, various religious leaders tried to answer the question "When does life start?"

"At conception," said the Catholic priest.

"No, no," said the Presbyterian minister. "It begins at birth."

"It's in between," said the Baptist. "Life begins at 12 weeks when the fetus develops a functional heartbeat."

"I disagree with all of you," said the rabbi. "Life begins when your last child leaves home and takes the dog with him."

My girlfriend hung a note on the fridge...

...which said: "I can't do it, it's not working anymore."

Door could be opened. Light is fully functional. Beer is cold.

I got no clue what she was talking about

Functional joke, My girlfriend hung a note on the fridge...

English is not my first language but I think my boss appreciates me

He always says I am this functional!

Did you hear about the baby boy born without eyelids?

Fortunately, doctors were able to use his f**... to create functional eyelids. While an overall success, the surgery did leave him a little c**...-eyed.

TIL some parts of the Titanic are still functional to this day!

The pools are still full!

A baby was born this morning with no eyelids.

So the doctors used the baby boy's f**... to create functional eyelids.

Doctors say the baby is doing fine, all vitals look good, but he's a little c**...-eyed.

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The down arrow key on my laptop isn't functional. IT asked me if they should call the on-site repair guy to come in today...

I told them it wasn't pressing.

I found the meaning of life!


the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death.

Another google meme...

Me: what is the meaning of life?



1. 1.the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death."the origins of life"
2. 2.the existence of an individual human being or animal."a disaster that claimed the lives of 266 Americans"

So a dad and his son go into a bar...

His son is literally only a head (doesn't need vital organs to live in this joke)
Sons birthday so the dad buys him a shot
Son takes shot and boom he becomes a full bodied functional man
Dad is so happy he says shots all around
The son takes another shot and dies
Dad is now crying hysterically
Bartender says
Kid should've stopped while he was ahead.

This weekend I bought a belt buckle that was also a functional face clock...

I threw it out. It was a waist of time.

Functional joke, This weekend I bought a belt buckle that was also a functional face clock...

Why do the X-Men hate functional JavaScript programming?

No mutation allowed.

Speed dating is pointless.

30 seconds aren't long enough to explain the benefits of functional programming in Haskell.

Math is just like relationships

It's only functional if the X's don't repeat.

Self-driving cars seem like are almost here

Once they're functional, I'm afraid I'll never be sober again.

I can only differentiate after drinking.

I suppose I must be a functional alcoholic.

In French we don't say 'ninety nine'...

..instead we say 'quatre-vingt d**... neuf' which translates as 'we don't have a functional numerical system'

Lots of rumors that Trump is a functional illiterate, but it's Fake News...

He's tremendously dysfunctional, big league. Ok? Ok.

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