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Funny Fuels Jokes and Puns

What fuels electronics but drains a relationship?


Why do christians burn fossil fuels?

They're trying to destroy the evidence.

I'm at the gas station right now...

Just kidding. I am not at the gas station right now. April Fuels

Fuels joke, I'm at the gas station right now...

My wife drinks gasoline on this specific date.

April Fuels.

Finally going to refuel my car..

It's April Fuels Day.

Today I went to a gas station and switched the Regular, Plus, and Premium buttons on all the pumps...

April Fuels!

During WW2, oil shortages forced some countries to start using organic fuels.

Mussolini made the trains run on thyme.

Fuels joke, During WW2, oil shortages forced some countries to start using organic fuels.

A black man attended a protest against fossil fuels...

And got six global warming shots in his back.

Today I learned that burning fossil fuels...

is one of the leading causes of statistics.

Why did the gas station put propane in the gas tanks?

April fuels!

I'm starting an activist group to support the use of fossil fuels.

Join the coalalition today!

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