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  1. How do you stop Canadian bacon from curling in the frying pan? You take away their brooms.
  2. How do you keep Canadian bacon from curling in you frying pan? Take away their little brooms.
  3. I just caught my idiot husband trying to fry some sticks He didn't know it was a non-stick pan
  4. Two eggs in a frying pan One says to the other; wow! It's warm in here!
    The other replies Argh!!! A talking egg!
  5. My wife hit me in the face with a frying pan and yelled, "That's for all the cheating!" She has a weird way of apologising.
  6. What's the difference between a skillet and a person who asks celebrities invasive questions? One's a frying pan, the other is a prying fan
  7. How are a frying pan and a beautiful woman similar? You have to get them both hot before you put the meat in.
  8. My roommate scratched my non stick frying pan so I had to get rid of it. Anyone looking for an apartment?
  9. Only the immature will laugh A sausage and an egg are frying in a pan.
    "It's a bit too hot in here for me, mate." The sausage says to the egg.
    The egg screams, "Ahh! A talking sausage!"
  10. There was a monk helping make breakfast for the monastery, and remembered you dont have to use a spatula to flip pancakes. Next thing he knew it was out of the frying pan and onto the friar.

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Frying Pan One Liners

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  1. My bacon kept curling in the frying pan so I took away their little brooms and rocks.
  2. Why is Europe like a frying pan?? They both have Greece at the bottom!!
  3. What is a spell that you can learn with a frying pan? Cast Iron.
  4. What does a Chinese bear fry eggs in? A pan, duh!
  5. I find frying pans really hot. I guess you could say I'm pansexual.
  6. What do Chinese bears fry dumplings in? A Pan, Duh!
  7. I needed to buy a new pan to stir fry a large meal I decided to go for a wok.
  8. If looks could kill... ...women wouldn't need frying pans.
  9. What did the egg say to the frying pan? You crack me up!
  10. Will there be fried foods in heaven? Of course! God has a pan for each of us
  11. I tried to fry an egg without utensils... ... it didn't pan out.
  12. What is Peter Pan on death row? A frying Pan
  13. What did the spaceman see in his frying pan? An unidentified frying object.
  14. How do Chinese people name their child? They throw their frying pan down the stairs.
  15. I'm in the process of building an Asian style frying pan It's a wok in progress

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A guy is reading his paper when his wife walks up behind him and smacks him on the back of the head with a frying pan.
He asks, "What was that for?"
She says, "I found a piece of paper in your pocket with Betty Sue written on it."
He says, "Jeez, honey, remember last week when I went to the track? Betty Sue was the name of the horse I went there to bet on."
She shrugs and walks away.
Three days later he is reading his paper when she walks up behind him and smacks him on the back of the head again with the frying pan.
He asks, "What was that for?"
She answers, "Your horse called."

How do you hit 20 flies in one shot?

Hit an Ethiopian in the head with a frying pan.

A husband was sitting at the table when his wife banged him over the head with a frying pan...

"What did you do that for?" He asked. The wife said, "I found this peace of paper with the name Mary Lou on it." He said, "Oh that's just the name of the horse I put a bet on."
The next day she banged him over the head again, this time with an even bigger frying pan. He said, "Good Lord, why did you do that again?" "Your horse just called." She said.


One day, as a husband was reading the Sunday paper, his wife smacked him upside the head with a frying pan.
"What was that for?" cried the husband.
"I was doing your laundry when I found a piece of paper with the name of Marylou on it!" screamed the wife. "Who is she? Are you cheating on me?"
"Honey don't worry. Remember when I went to the horse race three weeks ago with my friends? Marylou was the name of the horse I was betting on.
Satisfied, the wife continued doing the laundry. A few hours later, the wife smacked the husband with a frying pan again.
"What was that for?" said the annoyed husband.
"Your horse called."

Joke from Les Bonnes Femmes

Man: Whats the difference between a frying pan and a chamber p**...?
Woman: I don't know
Man: Then I would hate to eat your place!
Man laughs uncontrollably in a creepy way, perhaps foreshadowing the upcoming r**... scene.

Frying pans and blondes, what do they have in common?

They both make the sausages squirt

Bob gets a job at a Japanese restaurant...

In the kitchen he notices all the pots, pans, plates, etc have names stamped on them. His boss says it's for easy identification.
One day the cook asks him to go get a wok. So Bob goes into the back and grabs the first thing he can find that resembles a wok with the name "Peter" in bold letters on the side and brings it to the cook.
The cook looks at it and shakes he head.
"Peter pan! He no wok, he fry!"

Little Johnny is at it again.

Little Johnny was sent home early from school one day. He had been very, very naughty with his classmate, Mary Jane. Little Johnny's mom was very upset with this news and she warned Johnny he was surely going to get it when his father got home.
Little Johnny's dad finally came home from work and right away mom told him Johnny was caught having s**... with Mary Jane at school. And she started to cry her eyes out.
Johnny's dad ran to the kitchen and made a huge ruckus looking through the cupboards. The mom stood nearby wondering what was happening. Finally, Little Johnny's dad found what he wanted and he picked up a large cast iron frying pan. He loudly told his wife to get out of the way but she started crying louder begging the dad to please not hurt Little Johnny. After all he was just a young boy. Johnny's dad said, "Hurt him be d**.... I'm not going to hit him. I'm going to fry him up a steak and some eggs. The poor kid can't screw on Corn Flakes!"

A beggar attacked me with a frying pan...

... he was arrested for panhandling.

Wife: I found a paper in your pocket with the name Jenny on it

Husband: I took part in a race last week
and Jenny was the name of my horse.
Wife: Sorry..!
Next day wife hit him with the frying pan again
Husband: What now..?
Wife: Your horse is on the Phone.

Why do experts advice to be careful about putting too much oil on the frying pan?

Where was the first French Fry made?

In the frying pan.

A frying pan was threatening to commit s**... by jumping into a fire.

The chef just egged him on.

A short one for classical musicians

I once owned a frying pan that once belonged to the great Leopold Stokowski. It was non-stick.

Two hotdogs

Two hotdogs were frying in a frying pan. 1st hotdog : "Help help, I'm burning! I will die! Get me out of here!" 2nd hotdog (to himself) : "Jesus Christ, a talking hotdog."

I cant find my large stir fry pan

It's like it just gets up and Woks away

turkey went out of the frying pan and into the fire

only for Putin to put them in the oven

What happens when you drop a frying pan on a cake

You get a pancake

What do you call a trapped fly in a frying pan of stir fry?

Your mum

Two sausages are in a frying pan

The first one says, "Oh my God, I'm burning up!!"
The second says, "Oh my God, a talking sausage!!"

Two sausages in a frying pan...

One says to the other 'coh it's hot in here'
The other one goes 'UH talking sausage!'

Two sausages are frying in a pan

One sausage turns to the other and says, "Hot enough for you?"
The other sausage screams, "Ohmygod a talking sausage!"

What did the frying pan say to his dying father?

This will be humorous when it's over.

Two Squirrels GO Camping

They set up a tiny tent and make a tiny campfire. Then, one squirrel pulls out a frying pan and begins to pan fry some twigs. The other squirrel snatches it from his hand and says,
"Are you NUTS?!? This is a non-stick pan!"

How do you kill 1000 Flys with one swing?

You hit an Old Ethiopian Woman with a frying pan

My friend told me the handle on my stir-fry pan needed to be tightened. Then he carried it home and fixed it.

He didn't just talk the torque, he walked the wok.

A man went to a German food stand

A young man went to a German food stand to order a bratwurst. As he gets his order, both ends of the sausage were missing. It was nonetheless the best bratwurst he has ever tasted so he decides to ask why the ends were missing and if it improves the taste somehow.
The cook answered that just does it because that's how he learned it from his grandmother. Furthermore he told the man that if he wants to know more he can always visit his grandmother and ask her if there is something to it.
The man then went to the grandmother's home to ask her his question. She was baffled and asked if her grandson still has the old small frying pan.

Two sausages were in a frying pan

One turns to the other and says "Is it hot in here?" The other says "Oh my God, a talking sausage!!"

A guy is relaxing on his chair watching TV when his wife comes up and smacks him over the head with a frying pan

A guy is relaxing on his chair watching TV when his wife comes up and smacks him over the head with a frying pan.

"What was that for?" he asked

"I was doing your laundry and found piece of paper in your pocket with the name 'Dorothy' on it"

"I was at the track. That was to remind me what horse to bet on"

The next night, she hits him over the head again while he's watching TV.

"What was that for?" he asked

"Your horse just called"

A sausage and an egg are frying in a pan

The egg turns to the sausage and says it's a bit hot in here!
The sausage replied WOW A TALKING EGG!

What's the difference between a hand and a frying pan?

In the frying pan, the meat shrinks. In the hand, the meat grows.

When a member of certain religious fraternities eats scrambled eggs.

It goes out of the frying pan and into the friar.

in h**...

A man goes to h**.... They tell him:
-- You have not sinned too much, so we allow you to choose t**... yourself.
He goes into the first room and there people are fried in a frying pan. It doesn't suit him and he leaves.
In the second room needles are inserted under the nails.
It hurts too, he says and leaves.
In the third room there are men knee-deep in s**... having a smoke.
-- This is for me, although it stinks probably I have no better choice.
He gets into s**.... He takes out a cigarette, lights it.
And then he hears:
-- The smoke break is over, finish off eating!

There were 2 sausages in a frying pan.

One sausage says to the other d**... it's hot in here! The other sausage says w**... a talking sausage.