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Frozen 2 dialog:

Anna: I prefer you in leather.
Kristoff: ?


Why shouldn't you give Elsa a balloon?

Because she'll just let it go.


I will stay in this fancy leather for one hour.

I prefer you in leather, anyway.


A bunch of things happened that I forgot.

And thus, I live, and so do you.


Kristoff: Best friend name?

Anna: Probably John...

Kristoff: Eye color ?

Anna: Dreamy ...

Kristoff: Foot size ?


What book are you reading?

Some new Danish author.


Did you know that the Enchanted forest is a place of transformation?

I feel that this forest really changed us all.


When I am more mature I will be totally secure.


There is no need to be terrified or tense

I only dream of a time when I'm in my age of prime.


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