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I got two front teeth for Christmas!

I have no idea who they belong to.

How do you know this is OC?

Its not on the front page

What's the best way to see yesterday's front page ?


What is in front of a woman and behind a Cow?

What is in front of a woman and behind a Cow?

I saw a front page post today about a woman who hasn't experienced a period in 15 years.

That's one long sentence.

Where does Q come before P?

In front of a busy urinal.

What did a front-end developer say to a back-end developer?

"Give me some REST."

Fron joke, What did a front-end developer say to a back-end developer?

A front end auto shop sponsored a beauty pageant to increase sales but it had the opposite effect when they started promoting their

Miss Alignment Contest

What should you never do in front of an alcoholic?


What's in front of a woman and in the back of a cow?

The W.

Yeah my dad just busted this joke on me.

How to get on the front page

Not like this.

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Z used to be at the front of the alphabet

But as we all know, a threw z.

What's at the front of a woman and the end of a cow?

A w.

In a new store's front window there was a hiring sign


$35,000 - $40,000

An engineer sees the sign, enters the store and yells:

-There is no need for an accountant! The answer is -$5,000!

Said TL; DR in front of Dota fan.

He said " yeah! Team Liquid did right".

You should always be up front and direct when talking to obese people...

Because if you sugar coat it they'll probably just eat that too.

Fron joke, You should always be up front and direct when talking to obese people...


If this 'A' gets to the front page, I'll delete this text and it'll make people go crazy wondering how an A got to the front page.
Post mysterious comments like So true! And don't talk about how it's an inside joke.

Getting to the front page is like getting my dad's love

I may never get it, but still I keep trying.

Happy mother's day to all the wonderful mom's who picked both roles in their kids lives :)

In front of a mental clinic, a patient was pulling a rope.

Doctor: why are you pulling that rope?
Patient: what do you want me to do, push it?!

Why is a front flavouring different from a tender crack?

One is a *fore salt*, the other is a *sore fault*.

On the front of my boxer shorts it reads handle with care

I have a fragile package.

On the front of the cheese packet it said 37% fat

Therefore I am 95% cheese

I was in front of a grocery story, some guy came up to me.

He said "Hey, do you have a moment to help save the environment?" I said "Absolutely." So he gave me a pamphlet, I recycled it right away.

How do you tell the front of a duck from the back of a duck?

You can tell by the butt quack…

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