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How does cheese get more mature?



Frenchman: I know how the man died. It was death by fromage, right?

American: No silly, not from age, from cheese.

Why don't French people smile in pictures?

The French word for "cheese" is "fromage".

String of Cheese Jokes

Hear about the French cheese factory that exploded the other day? DeBrie everywhere.

They think it might be an insurance scam by the owner though he's a bit mental, painted his wife the other day! He Double Gloucester.

He even tried to start up a new business making clothes out of cheese. Didn't go as well as expected, turns out fromage frays.

Decided to go into the business of making boats in his attic. Sails are through the roof!

At the risk of getting egg on my face and being too cheesy.

Omelette au fromage.

What was the favourite dish of the french resistance?

An Ohm-lette

(du fromage)

What is Shakespeare's favourite snack?

Hamlet du fromage

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