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Why couldn't Frodo drop the Ring into Mt. Doom?

Force of Hobbit.

Frodo collected the keys to Macy's, JCPenney, McDonald's, etc. and put them on a single key ring

It was one ring to rule the mall.

Frodo and Sam are going to start a band...

Called; Imagine Baggins

Frodo joke, Frodo and Sam are going to start a band...

Why did Gollum leave the room every time Sam and Frodo lit their pipes?

He couldn't stand being around such filthy habitses.

Which TV show stars Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee?

How to Get Away with Mordor.

I can't stop making figurines of Frodo

It's hobbit forming.

When Arwen and Aragorn got married...

was Frodo designated to be the Ring bearer?

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not my main language T_T

Frodo joke, When Arwen and Aragorn got married...

Why did Frodo not just kill Gollum the first time they met?

One does not simply walk into murder.

Why didn't Spock do a mind meld with Frodo?

Because he figured that would be a bad hobbit to get in to.

Long story short...

Frodo does it

"Aw man, who's going to agree to play Frodo in the Lord of the Rings movies?"

"Elijah Would."

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If J.R.R. Tolkien and Samuel Beckett collaborated...

Would we get waiting for Frodo?

What do you get when you mix Frodo, Bilbo and a cyborg police officer?

Frobo Cop.

My laptop's running so hot....

That Frodo just walked in and chucked the one ring on it.

Frodo was chosen as the Ringbearer because...

it's hard to break a hobbit

Why did Frodo ask out the pretty Hobbit girl before Sam?

... Because Sam was a little bit Shire.

Frodo joke, Why did Frodo ask out the pretty Hobbit girl before Sam?

How did Gandlaf know that Frodo would take the ring to Mount Doom?

coz Elijah Would

Every time Galndalf sees a Hobbit he calls them Frodo.

He doesn't have Alzheimer's disease, he just does it out of force of Hobbit.

Frodo is a great nickname for a friend...

...who disappears after he puts a ring on.

Whats the difference between biting your nails, and Frodo with a rape charge?

Ones a force of habit, one's a forceful hobbit

Sam got sick and taken to Middle-Earth Medical Center. Frodo rushed to the hospital, asking where Sam is. Chief Registrar Sauron replied:


What do you call Frodo Baggins with one leg?


Why did Gandalf opt to send Frodo, of all beings, on the most perilous mission Middle-Earth had ever known?

Force of hobbit.

What's Frodo short for?

He's a hobbit.

I came up with a joke on Tinder. It was wasted on her.

Frodo, Sam, Pippen and Merry went to Kay's Jewellers. Frodo said to the jeweler: "We are all getting married this weekend, and we shall need 4 wedding bands!". The jeweler responded, "I'm sorry, we are almost completely sold out. The best I can offer is one ring to woo them all."

why did arwen and aragorn choose frodo to be the ring bearer ?

Force of hobbit

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