The Best 10 Friday The 13th Jokes

Funny Friday the 13th jokes including waiting for a full moon and other practical jokes. Some of the jokes are about zombies, haunted house, and escape room ending, while others are about tattoo and knock knock jokes.

Funny Friday The 13th Jokes and Puns

I had to cancel my dsylexics meeting tonight

I never go out on Friday the 13th

The worst thing about Friday the 13th

Is monday the 16th

"Did you know that Christmas day falls on a Friday this year?" said one blonde to another.

"Oh dear!!" her friend replied, "I hope it's not the 13th?"

Friday The 13th joke, "Did you know that Christmas day falls on a Friday this year?" said one blonde to another.

I don't worry about Friday the 13th.

It's bad luck to be superstitious.

It's Friday 13th...

Thank my lucky stars that I'm not superstitious

A blonde, a brunette, and a red head are driving in a car.

The brunette mentions that Christmas falls on a friday this year. The blonde says "I hope it's not Friday the 13th!"

I'm not superstitious on Friday the 13th

Just a little stitious.

Friday The 13th joke, I'm not superstitious on Friday the 13th

Hey Guys! Wouldn't it be crazy if Friday the 13th was on Halloween!

I tricked too many people with that...

It's Friday the 13th and there's a serial killer at the circus

He's freaking in tents.

What happened when the two lovers were watching a scary movie in a year when Valentine's day happened to fall on Friday the 13th?

*Oh wait, nevermind. I'm an idiot...*

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