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Funny Friction Jokes and Puns

What do you get when rubbing two oranges together

Pulp friction

Friction annoys me.

It's such a drag.

I have just finished the entire history of lubricant

It's the best non friction book I've ever read.

Friction joke, I have just finished the entire history of lubricant

The happiest person I know is a lubricant salesperson...

I guess you could say they don't have a lot of friction in their life.

What shoes have the least friction?


There are two kittens sitting on a steep roof. Which one falls off first?

the one with the smallest *mu*






**Preemptive explanation:**

Coefficient of friction. The coefficient of friction (COF), often symbolized by the Greek letter ยต (pronounced *mew*), is a dimensionless scalar value which describes the ratio of the force of friction between two bodies and the force pressing them together.

Did you hear about the physicist who moonlighted as a romance novelist?

He wrote complete works of friction.

Friction joke, Did you hear about the physicist who moonlighted as a romance novelist?

Why couldn't the physicist get his paper published?

It was a work of friction.

How would a world without friction be?

Idk dude but I heard it's going to be slick!

What do you call two nerds dry humping on the couch?

Science friction.

Friction walks into a bar

And orders a shot of rubbing alcohol.

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If there was a futuristic story about an alien who caught fire because he masturbated too hard

Would that be science friction?

what do you call a substance which fails to reduce friction


I just read a book that rubbed me the wrong way

It was science friction

What do you call smutty literature?

Fan friction.

There's something about friction man...

It really rubs me the wrong way.

Friction joke, There's something about friction man...

What's the best part of the library to hang out if you want to get laid?

Adult friction.

My girlfriend will only jack me off with rubber gloves thanks to Coronavirus

Its causing a lot of friction in our relationship.

What is created when you rub two oranges together?

Pulp Friction

What are sandpaper and ice's favorite genres to read?

Friction and non-friction

I really think that friction is really overrated in our society.

I mean, without it, we'd be all over the place.

What brought the orgy to a screeching halt?


How does Samuel L Jackson create fire with an orange?

He uses Pulp Friction

I hate friction so much

It is my Nฮผ.

Reading my current book makes my eyes so sore

It's a friction novel

My love life is like static friction, not going anywhere.

Thought of this while studying for physics test.

A friend of mine told me once that she had banged Nathan Fillion at a convention a few years back.

Still not sure if that was fan fiction or fan friction.

I sit in front if my ex in physics

There's a lot of friction between us


Stealing work from innocent Americans.

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