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Best Short Friar Jokes

Short friar puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The friar humour may include short priest jokes also.

  1. A hungry traveler stopped at a monastery and was taken to the kitchen where a brother was frying chips... "Are you the friar?" he asked.
    The brother replied "No. I'm the chip monk."
  2. If you see a monk going door to door selling flowers in your neighborhood, call the authorities immediately. Because only YOU can prevent florist friars.
  3. Two priests decided to open a Fish and Chip shop... ... One was a Fish Friar, the other was a Chip Monk.
  4. Don't ever buy flowers from monks. Only you can prevent florist friars.
    (Sorry if repost.)
  5. I visited a monastery and as I walked past the kitchen I saw a man cooking sliced potatoes in oil... I asked him I asked him Are you the friar?
    He replied No, I'm the chip monk...
  6. I hired a monk to redo my bathroom floors, and he put me under an immense amount of pressure. It was tile by friar.
  7. I visited a monastery and as I walked past the kitchen I saw a man frying chips... 'Are you the friar? ' I asked him.
    'No, I am the chip monk' he replied.
  8. A missing Chinese pyromaniac has been located hiding out at a Roman Catholic monastery. He was found praying with friars.
  9. Just landed in Rome, Italy. My pilot used to be a Franciscan Monk... ...But now he's an Air Friar.
  10. There was a monk helping make breakfast for the monastery, and remembered you dont have to use a spatula to flip pancakes. Next thing he knew it was out of the frying pan and onto the friar.
Friar joke, There was a monk helping make breakfast for the monastery,

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Friar One Liners

Which friar one liners are funny enough to crack down and make fun with friar? I can suggest the ones about monk and vicar.

  1. What do you call a priest who always lies? A pathological friar.
  2. Never buy flowers from a monk... Remember, only you can prevent florist friars.
  3. Never buy flowers from a monk Only YOU can prevent florist friars
  4. What do you call a holy man who works at McDonald's? A Friar
  5. So I gave a Friar a joint.... He's a High Priest now...
  6. Why couldn't the priest make it to the party? He had friar commitments.
  7. What kind of a friar loves philosophy? A deep friar.
  8. What do you call a philosophical priest? A deep friar
  9. St. Francis worked at Krispy Kreme He was a deep friar.
  10. What do you call a friar on the wrong side of the law? A felonious monk
  11. What do you call a potato cutting Friar? A Chip Monk.
  12. What do you call a chef in a monastery? Friar
  13. What do you call a Monk with a podcast? An Air Friar
  14. What do you call a friar in prison? A felonious monk
  15. What do you call a monk at a barbecue? Friar

Franciscan Friar Jokes

Here is a list of funny franciscan friar jokes and even better franciscan friar puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • Why did Hugh Jackman single handedly stop a Franciscan botanist from accidentally dropping a match in the forest? Because only Hugh can prevent florist friars.

Friar Tuck Jokes

Here is a list of funny friar tuck jokes and even better friar tuck puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • What do you call a t**... monk? Friar Tucked
  • What do you call a t**... monk? Friar Tuck
Friar joke, What do you call a t**... monk?

Entertaining Friar Jokes to Laugh Out Loud Fun with Everyone

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I managed to escape Neverland Ranch by taking refuge in a nearby Catholic church.

Oh well...out of the flying Pan, into the friar.

Hugh Hefner

Today, famous p**... Hugh Hefner successfully managed to stop an order of monks from operating a business on his property. The police forced the friars to close down their stall, which was outside the p**... Mansion, where they had been selling flowers.
Said one friar, "Well if it was anyone else we could've gotten away with it, but unfortunately only Hugh can prevent florist friars.

A Hungry traveler stops by a monastery and makes his way into the kitchen

There he sees a brother is frying chips.
"Are you the friar?" Asks the traveler
"No, that's not me" He replies " I'm the Chip Monk!"

A man went to a fish and chip lunch organised by the local monastery...

He strolls up to o**... serving, and with a big grin, asks "Are you the fish friar?"
The guy responds "No, I'm the chip monk!"

Did you hear about the woman who had to quit her job as an air traffic controller to date a monk?

She got out of the flying plans and into the friar.

A monastery is in financial trouble, so it goes into the fish-and-chips business to raise money.

One night a customer knocks on its door. A monk answers. The customer asks, Are you the fish friar?
No, he replies. I'm the chip monk.

What do you call an introspective monk?

A deep friar.

A man's car breaks down outside a monastery.

The monks take him in and give him dinner--a fantastic dinner, of fish & chips. Best fish & chips he's ever had.
So he goes into the kitchen to compliment the chef. He says to one brother, "Excuse me, are you the fish friar?"
"No," he answers. "I'm the chip monk."

For the longest time I was dating peter pan but I left him for a priest...

one could say that I went from the flying pan straight to the friar.

I believe the theological philosopher Thomas Aquinas was rather overweight......

I guess this makes him an early deep fat friar

A man's car breaks down near a monastary.

He goes to the door and knocks. The Friar opens the door. The man asks for a place to sleep. The Fiar replies,"pay us."
The man, low on money asks why.
"It's to provide a sense of pride and accomplishment for people who find a place to sleep."

I escaped a burning Island nation and then had s**... in a monastery.

It was out of the frying Japan and into the friar.

How did the monk get a job at McDonalds?

He had a lot of experience as a friar.

If a monastery had a barbecue, what would you call the chef?


What does God listen to in his free time?

His friar mixtape.

What did the monk use to make fried chicken?

A deep friar.

What do you call a friar with a few priors?

Felonious Monk

Fish & Chips

A man walked into a fish and chips shop run by two priests, but only one was out front. He asked, "Are you the fish friar?"
The man replied, "No, I'm the chip monk."

Two priests decided to open a fast food joint.

The first became a fish friar, while the other became a chip monk.

When a member of certain religious fraternities eats scrambled eggs.

It goes out of the frying pan and into the friar.

Friar joke, What do you call a priest who always lies?

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