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Funny Fret Jokes and Puns

My friend broke a string playing the guitar. I told him...

...don't fret it.

What do you tell a worried guitar?

Don't fret

How do you know a guitarist is sad?

They start to fret.

Fret joke, How do you know a guitarist is sad?

What did Bill say when Frank told him he was having trouble playing the intro on "Nothing Else Matters"?

Don't fret

What do you call a worried bounty hunter?

Boba Fret

I get suicidal when I play guitar

So I don't fret about it

Sorry [8]

Some bloke just told me he was gonna smack me with the neck of his guitar....

I said, is that a fret?

Fret joke, Some bloke just told me he was gonna smack me with the neck of his guitar....

What did the experienced guitarist say to the new guitarist that was nervous about playing?

Dont fret about it.

This guy said he was going to hit me with the neck of a guitar....

I said, Is that a fret?

Playing guitar is a sin...

...after all, Jesus told his disciples to "fret not."

Don't fret.

You're not a guitar.

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Did you hear about the conductor who was arrested for inciting violins?

They strung him up, but he didn't fret.

*Cogwheel takes a bow*

An old man was piloting a small plane with his wife and kids aboard as a powerful storm raged.

Don't fret so much, he said to them as they were filled with fear. If anything should happen to me, I've provided for all of you very generously in my will.

A guitarist died and his family had no means of paying for the funeral expenses.

Guess you could say they had a lot to fret about.

Why don't guitarists like ukuleles?

Because they don't fret the small stuff

Why did the anxious guitarist quit the band?

He didn't want to fret anymore.

Fret joke, Why did the anxious guitarist quit the band?

Learning to the play the guitar is rather simple.

You don't have to fret about it.

A guitar player was panicking because he couldn't play his open strings

His instructor told him don't fret

Someone said they'd attack me with the neck of their guitar...

"Is that a fret?"

The other day someone said they were going to kill me with the neck of a guitar.

I said is that a fret?

Many people who get something that's incomplete will worry.

But the man who buys a guitar with no neck does not fret.

What do you tell a person who is trying to learn guitar but is failing to comfort him/her?

Don't fret about it

Some guy said he would hit me with a Guitar

I asked "Is that a fret?"

Just had a guy threaten to attack me with the neck of a guitar

I asked him, "Is that a fret?"

What did the banjo say to the worried guitar?

Don't fret

Some guy on the street said to me I'm going to attack you with the neck of a guitar ... I replied with is that a fret?

Some bloke just said he's going to smash my head in with the neck of a guitar

I said "is that a fret?"

You're worried that you're a guitar player who can't play open strings.

Don't fret.

Why are violinists braver than guitarists?

They never fret.

What do you tell a fearful guitar?

Don't fret.

Someone ran up to me with a guitar and said they would hit me with it

I then said is that a fret

A person is taking guitar lessons

and he's getting upset that he isn't learning as quickly as he'd like to. So he tells the instructor this and the instructor says, "You'll get the hang of it eventually. Don't fret."

Take that look off your face

A man with a huge grin approaches a priest.
"Bless me father, for I have sinned," he says. "I've spent the week with seven beautiful women."
"Do not fret, my son," says the priest. "All you need to do is take seven lemons, squeeze the juice into a glass and drink the juice."
"Will that cleanse my sin from me?"
"No, but it'll wipe that stupid smile off your face."

Some of you may be nervous about your first guitar lesson.

Don't fret about it.

If you can't think of a good guitar pun...

Don't fret.

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