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How can you tell if a mechanic has just gotten freaky with a woman?

He's got one clean finger.

I'm not saying me and my partner are freaky in bed......

....But our memory foam mattress has PTSD.

Signs of our times

My brother says hiring in California is so low, they updated the policy - Long hair freaky people "may" apply.

Freaky joke, Signs of our times

What is a freaky lesbian's favorite game?


Things got a bit freaky during foreplay the other night.

I thought I heard someone entering the morgue.

I saw a really lifelike portrait of Donald Trump the other day...

... it was really freaky how the hands followed you around the room.

Why did a pregnant lady walk into Jimmy Johns?

They promised freaky fast delivery

Freaky joke, Why did a pregnant lady walk into Jimmy Johns?

Hollywood should remake "Freaky Friday" between a priest and a scientist.

The Title should be "Converting the Masses"

I called my wife on the way home, I said when I get there I want you to do something freaky to me. You know what she said?

"whos this?"

I told my wife on the phone "When I get home, I want you to do something freaky to me".

She told me "Who's number is this?"

What's the difference between a freaky girl and a freaky vegan chick?

A freaky girl will toss your salad, a vegan will eat it and toss your bacon.

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I like my subs the way I like my sex.

Freaky Fastβ„’

Twins are so freakin cute...

...unless they're conjoined. Then they're just freaky.

How do punctuation marks get freaky?

The comma sutra

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