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Funny Frankincense Jokes and Puns

Jesus might be a telemarketer.

The other day I got a phone call from a telemarketer. The guy was trying to sell me frankincense. I really didn't want it though, so I told him I didn't want to buy any. He probably suspected I was going to hang up, so he quickly said, "But wait, there's myrrh!"

A wise man is walking through a market with a bag of gold.

As he passes the various sellers, a merchant quickly lights some incense and a beautiful aroma fills the air. It's frankincense, the merchant says. The best in the land.

The wise man gets some and is about to leave when the merchant calls out, But wait ... there's myrrh!

How did Frankenstein know Jesus was coming for a visit?

He used his frankincense.

Welcome to Christmas, we've got gold and frankincense...

But wait, there's myrrh!

I gave my friend gifts of gold and frankincense last Christmas

It'll keep him coming back for myrrh

Belated holiday joke

Q: What did the 3 Wise Men say to the crazy man?

A: "You make no Frankincense!!"

Gold, frankincense, but wait...

there's myrhh

The three wise men came to the manger with gifts for baby Jesus. They brought gold and frankincense...

But wait, there's myrrh!

We'll give him gold and frankincense

But wait, there's myrrh.

I'm not sorry. 😂

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