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Stop calling it the Zelda Franchise - It's called the Zelda Chain.

Because there's so many Links

Call of Duty is the most environmentally friendly video game franchise.

... because each game is made from 90% recycled material.

Did you hear Pedro Pascal hurt his back during The Mandalorian?

It was from carrying the Star Wars franchise

Franchise joke, Did you hear Pedro Pascal hurt his back during The Mandalorian?

I am completely outraged by JJ Abrahms saying the next Star Wars will have an openly gay character in his science fiction franchise

Star wars is Science Fantasy, not Science Fiction

What did Buzz say to Woody?

A lot, I mean there were three movies and a couple short films in that franchise.

(not mine) I hate the Harry Potter franchise, it's too unrealistic.

I mean I'm not saying magic is impossible, everyone on my estate fights with sticks, there may even be the odd unicorn about, but who, has ever seen a ginger kid with two mates ?

How the First Scene of Star Wars Ep 9 Will Save the Franchise

"Jar Jar Binks Wakes up from a Dream..."

Franchise joke, How the First Scene of Star Wars Ep 9 Will Save the Franchise

Dont call it the Zelda franchise

Call it the Zelda chain because it has so many Links

I work a desk job in an AT&T franchise building

I can never get any work done because the internet keeps going down...

What movie franchise has the worst spoilers?

The Fast and the Furious.

Guess which film franchise reboot would score millions now?

The Mask.

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What's the only bank franchise that doesn't have ATMs?

Sperm banks.

If Drake owned a breakfast cereal franchise, what would it be called?

OV O's!

IF Caitlyn Jenner wanted to be a movie franchise.....

She would be in the Transformers franchise

Roy Moore has quit the Alabama senate race.

He's opening a Comet Ping-Pong franchise.

My local supermarket is selling Star Wars-themed cereal...

They really are trying to milk the franchise for all its worth.

Franchise joke, My local supermarket is selling Star Wars-themed cereal...

Why did a chicken franchise run out of business?

Because they were being racist.

How low is Disney willing to drag down a beloved franchise like Star Wars just for money?


Director arrested for trying to resurrect Batman franchise

All attempts to raise Bale have failed

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

After extensive marketing research the Colonel concluded that the franchise would benefit from better traffic patterns on the other side of the intersection.

(from my grandmother's Reader's Digest circa 1988)

Business Franchise

A mate has just started his own business.
He manufactures land-mines that look like prayer mats.
It's doing well.
He says prophets are going through the roof!

Marvel is making bold moves given recent event. They just signed Caitlyn Jenner.

Apparently they are rebooting the X-Men franchise.

Directors Brett Ratner and Bryan Singer have been accused of sexual assault. We should have known this years ago, when they raped the X-Men franchise.

WhatΒ΄s the difference between 2007 and 2017?

The Apprentice opened a franchise at the White House.

I want to own a basketball franchise in Miami and I want to name the team humidy...

Then when someone asks if its the heat I can go "its not the heat, its the humidity."

Did you know the Little Caesars franchise was named after the owners epileptic son?

He was always having little seizures.

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