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I had my wife on all fours last night...

As she was telling me to get out from under the bed and fight like a man.

Rodeo Sex.

Have you ever tried Rodeo Sex? here is how it goes, you get you're Girlfriend on all fours and mount her, you push in as far as you can and hold on real tight, you then whisper in her ear, you are not as good as you're Sister, see how long you can stay on..

How did an amputee cat regrow a leg after falling of a building?

Well, we all know that a cat always lands on all fours.

Fours joke, How did an amputee cat regrow a leg after falling of a building?

Abraham's Four-Step Plan

Step 1: become religious

Step 2: receive the literal word of God

Step 3: ???

Step 4: prophet

What size lumber is used to build homes in Dubai?

Dubai fours

What do you call two fake number fours next to each other?

Fauxty faux

I get up hills easily on all fours, I go down hills on both legs easily. What am I?

Some creep who goes up hills on all fours.

Fours joke, I get up hills easily on all fours, I go down hills on both legs easily. What am I?

They say that the most powerful way for a woman to have sex is doggy style...

Then they're really bangin' on all fours.

Why didn't two know how to double itself?

It couldn't see the fours for the threes.

The most popular sex position among married couples is doggy style -

He is on all fours begging and she plays dead.

Why do feral children walk on all fours?

Because they weren't brought upright.

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We recently had a board meeting to talk about the foundation of our company...

Turns out we need more Two by Fours.

Why are Black Bears Paws not Black?

God put them on all fours when he spraypainted them.

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