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The Best Four Brothers Puns

Every night at the pub...

...the Irishman followed the same ritual. He ordered five shots of whiskey, then held each glass up in a silent toast, and drank them down in turn.

After seeing this for weeks on end, the bartender's curiosity got the best of him, and he said to the Irishman, "I notice you always order five shots. Is there a story behind that?"

"Aye, lad. I have four brothers, and we used to go out drinking every night. They've since moved away, so, as a tribute, I always order a shot for each of them and one for myself."

One night the Irishman came in and ordered four shots of whiskey. "I'm afraid to ask..." said the bartender. "Did something happen to one of your brothers?"

"Nay, lad, my brothers are fine. It's me. My doctor said I have to quit drinking."

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