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They are opening a hardware store in Indiana where they will only employ people who have had a difficult childhood being raised in either domestic abuse or foster houses.

It will be called the Broken Home Depot.

Where do all the orphan chickens end up?

Foster Farms

I fostered a child the other day

...Got him in the back of the head with all four cans!

Foster joke, I fostered a child the other day

I found five orphaned kittens and decided to foster them. I named them Thumb, Index, Middle, Ring, and Pinky.

They sure are a handful to raise.

When I was younger, I really wanted a skateboard

but my parents couldn't afford one; so one morning, I woke up early and went to the garage, I got some wood and some nails… and beat my parents to death.

My foster parents bought me 5 skateboards.

Bit of a different post here - an author introduces a joke but never reveals the punchline...anyone heard this joke? Or make up your own punchline?

In *Infinite Jest* by David Foster Wallace, at one point there's a line -

"...asking Mario if he knows what you call three Canadians copulating on a snowmobile."

But he doesn't say the punchline. I'm assuming maybe this is a commonish kinda joke? I've tried to think of what the punchline is but can't.

I fostered a kid last night

Not bad a can right in the back of the head form 20 yards

Foster joke, I fostered a kid last night

Jane Foster was not able to get out of bed the morning after the cloning experiment.

She was two Thor.

My Grandfathers joke is so appropriate today. "Do you know where they send all the baby chickens that are orphans and have nowhere else to go?"

Well of course they send them to Foster Farms!

David Foster Wallace writes a simple seafood recipe...

1. This is water
2. Consider the lobster

How would Madame Foster begin the process of putting her Home for Imaginary Friends up for sale?

By contacting a Fake Estate Agent.

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I really want to sleep with Jodie Foster,

but I'm thirteen years too late.

To be fair Hillary once took someone's speech.

Afterward Vince Foster didn't walk much either.

Hey, bud. Who's Charles Foster Kane's favourite character in Titanic, bud?

It's Rose, bud.

I work at a foster care agency with a rent to own policy...

It's called wombs to go.

What's a orphans favorite ice cream flavor?

Banana Foster

Foster joke, What's a orphans favorite ice cream flavor?

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