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Funniest Forum Short Jokes

Short forum jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The forum humour may include short chat jokes also.

  1. Food Coma…. A health forum speaker asks, Which food causes extreme suffering for years after eating it.
    After a long silence, an old man answered,
    Wedding Cake …….
  2. Why couldn't Marco Rubio register on a web forum? The website required him to prove that he is not a robot.
  3. My Grandma Discovered an online knitting forum She was upset the other day, apparently she used the *wrong thread* and the Mods banned her.
  4. I'm going to start a blog for irrational numbers... I think I'll call it the 3.1 forums...
  5. When should guys ask for a girl's hand? When they get tired of their own.
    I saw this on a game forum and it was not related whatsoever
  6. My opinion on mediums where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged? I'm forum.
  7. A man walks into an online forum.. A man walks into an online forum and tells a joke that nobody really understands.
    Get it?
  8. General Mathis served in the marines for 44 years and John Dowd was a JAG for a few years # Jagass !!

    *(No offence to the honest, decent JAGS and this is from a post I saw on fox forums)*
  9. I recently joined an online message board for college students. Only because I heard girls like men in uni-forums.
  10. I've been banned from almost all of the beer enthusiast forums... Why do they always get their flagon when I come around?

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  1. What do you guys think of message boards? ....I'm all forum.
  2. I joined a forum for people with Down syndrome. Comments are disabled.
  3. Made an Eastern European friend on a chess forum. He was my Czech mate.
  4. Does anyone know of any forums for fellow ax murderers? We can share LifeHacks ...
  5. My friend asked me what I thought about internet message boards. I said, I'm all forum.
  6. BEWARE THE IDES OF MARCH!!! Oh, sorry. Wrong forum.
  7. I wanted to open a forum about the death of God but it's a pretty Nietzsche topic.
  8. What do you call a forum for bats? An echo chamber
  9. Why did the spider become a forum admin? So he could make a sticky thread.
  10. I fall asleep every night While browsing the chlora forum
  11. Welcome to the Proctology Association's Super Bowel Forum and After-Party.
  12. What's a forum? One-um plus three-um.
  13. What do you call a forum poster who cannot read? A reddidn't.
  14. What is the definition of a forum? A two-um plus a two-um
  15. How do you spot an unoriginal help forum comment? Google it.

Forum joke, How do you spot an unoriginal help forum comment?

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Answer: Felt Forum

Question: How did Helen Keller find her boyfriend's b**...?

OG Rolling Stones Joke

I was on another forum, the comments section of a political site. Somebody was talking about how the Rolling Stones still got it despite having gotten a lot older. So people were making up humorous OG-version Stones song titles, like "Limping Jack Flash" and "Gimme Fiber."
And then somebody said it:
>!"Hey! You! Get Offa My Lawn!"!<

joke of the day

A question on an internet forum:
Q: Please help, I have this great itching between my toes.
A: Well, that depends. If the itching is between all toes, consult a dermatologist. If the itching bothers you only between your two big toes, consult a gynecologist.

Another day at the White House

After returning from the White House after a forum on s**... in the workplace, Monica Lewinsky takes her dress to the dry cleaner.
The dry cleaner has an ear infection and is having trouble hearing.
Monica says to the dry cleaner, I need my dress cleaned. The dry cleaner does not hear her well and says "come again", and Monica replies, "No, mustard"

I asked why my stitches were unravelling but accidentally posted it to a gaming forum last night

Turns out it was the wrong thread

A solipsist posts on a forum

In his thread, he asks, "Anyone else out there a solipsist?"
After a day of no replies
He thinks to himself, "I guess it's just me!"

Forum joke, A solipsist posts on a forum