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Fortnite is a very popular new game

It's taking the world by storm.

I've been playing this one game for like two weeks...

You know, Fortnite?

Why are muslims so good at Fortnite.

Cause they always go to tilted towers.

Fortnite joke, Why are muslims so good at Fortnite.

Don't buy the Fortnite battle pass

It only lasts two weeks

What's the deal with this new thing called Fortnite?

Saw it a couple of weeks ago

My wife still misses me because I play Fortnite too much...

But her aim is improving 😏

Me and my friend were playing fortnite

I said, let's make this interesting

So we stopped playing fortnite

Fortnite joke, Me and my friend were playing fortnite

Have you ever heard about the guy who plays fortnite and studies in Oxford?

Jokes have a limit too.

What's a Fortnite player's favorite Disney character?


[NSFW] What materials does a 13 y/o Fortnite boy wake up with?

999 wood

I finally decided to play Fortnite.

It's fun, but it gets boring after a couple of weeks

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A Vegan, a Crossfitter and a Fortnite player walked into a bar

I only know because they told everyone twice within 5 minutes.

I'm trying to cut down on my fortnite play time as I think I'm gaining an addiction

I tend to play it every couple of weeks now.

What is Kylo Ren's favorite video game to play?

Fortnite. Because loves to Solo Kill.

what do you call fortnite during the day?


What do you call it when you play Fortnite during the day-time?

A sad depraved existence

Fortnite joke, What do you call it when you play Fortnite during the day-time?

Haven't tried Fortnite.

Always been frustrated with the lag on Brazilian online games.

What do you call it when you play Fortnite during the day?

Day care

Wow, that Fortnite game you're playing is super quick!

Thought they would last at least two weeks.

Credit my dad.

Why is Fortnite a bad name for a game?

It is too weak

Yo mama so fat

When she lands in fortnite, she gets a Victory Royale

So I booted up Fortnite twice simultaneously, and it turned into a zombie survival game

It was 28 Days Later

What rhymes with fortnite?

Upvote this post and I'll upvote you bacnjust leave a coment letting me no you upvote and I'll upvote you!! :D

After killing himself and several others, a suicide bomber is given 72 virgins to use as he pleases.

When the suicide bomber arrives, he notices that they're all on laptops. He finds this strange, and asks one what they're doing. The virgin responds, "We're playing Fortnite. Wanna join?"

People who don't think fortnite is a awesome game

My name jeff

Add me on fortnite

I heard that Fortnite put a limit of three outfits for players in Isreal.

Jews aren't allowed to have four skins.

I found the real life inspiration for the island from Fortnite!

The Virgin Islands

I tried to set my password to "Fortnite" but got the error saying

You password is two week.

A vegan, an atheist, and a person who hates Fortnite walk into a bar

Who's telling you first?

Why don't kids play fortnite in school?

It's hard to make out where the gunshots are actually coming from

"Fortnite" is a terrible name for a game.

It's too weak.

I tried for two weeks to get into this game...

But the Fortnite just wasn't worth it.

Why is the game called "Fortnite"?

Because it's only fun for about two weeks.

My mom wanted me to water the plants and my friends wanted me to get on Fortnite...

I got on Forntite because bros before hose.

School dances this year are going to be like Fortnite lobbies...

Lots of stupid dance moves and unnecessary shooting

Middle school dance parties probably look like a fortnite lobby now.

Lots of ridiculous dancing and and unnecessary shooting.

Worried about your kid having sex?

Introduce them to fortnite.

I stumbled upon an Islamic Fortnite Youtuber...

His name was Allah-A

What do you call Fortnite with cows?

A cattle royale.

No wonder fortnite is so popular among school children

Who doesn't love hopping off the bus and shooting everybody in sight?

What do fortnite and your mom have in common?

Every twelve year old is into them.

What do you call a lizard that hates fortnite youtubers?

An Ali-hater.

Why are students prohibited from playing Fortnite during school?

It would be really hard to tell where the gunshots are coming from

I don't believe in hitting my children as punishment

So I teach them Fortnite dances and send them to school so that other kids can beat them

I can guarantee you Fortnite will die in the next couple years

Nevermind apparently trash lives way longer than a couple years

So many kids dressed up as fortnite costumes for Halloween this year

They might as well have dressed up as sheep

I used to eat a lot of junk food and do Fortnite dances

But my dad told me you are what you yeet.

What's EA's favorite Fortnite dance?

Swipe It

What's Hannah Baker's favorite weapon from Fortnite?

the Scar

What telecommunications service does a fortnite player use?

Virgin Mobile

What's same about Fortnite players in-game and IRL?

2 pumps and they're out of the game.

Using a public bathroom is like sniping in Fortnite

You have to account for the bullet drop.

How do you call a group of children?

A fortnite.

High school is like fortnite.

Full of virgins.

i found out how to get your virginity back after you lost it

play fortnite

An Unoriginal Comment About Fortnite

Fortnite is dumb.

America's waterways are increasing in salinity and I know who's to blame.

Who else but Fortnite players could be responsible for so many salty streams.

How is Fortnite duos like sex?

Because my partners come from a school bus and by the end someone usually has a scar

The other day I was mistakenly put in a Fortnite server filled with low level players...

I gotta tell ya, it was like an all you can YEET buffet!

What do you give a crying kid for Christmas?


I undersnd why kids love fortnite so much

Who doesn't love hoping out of a bus and shooting everyone in sight

What do you call an old dude failing at poker and Fortnite who fallen asleep?

A snoozer loser!

What's the hardest thing about playing fortnite?

Telling your parents you're gay

Vaccinanted vs Unvaccinated adults

Vaccinated adults: Man I'm glad I grew up playing fortnite
Unvaccinated adults: Man I'm glad I grew up

A little known fact about president Trump is that he's an avid Fortnite fan

What with all the walls being built

What do you call a Fortnite player in a car?

Virgin Mobile

If you play Fortnite you are like olive oil.

Extra virgin

PUBG swore they would end fortnite.

2 weeks later, Fortnight was over.

I am a parent of a one year old and I support anti vaxxer parents and super thankful of them.

They help me eliminate future competition that my kid will go against. From fortnite to Harvard.

What do you call a dinosaur which plays fortnite?

A flossiraptor

If I'm gonna be honest, idk what's worse, the fact that people make money by playing fortnite

Or the fact that fortnite makes even MORE money off these people playing fortnite.

The government swore to shut down Fortnite due to claims of the video game aggravating children and teens worldwide.

Two weeks later, Fortnight was finished.

What do they call Player Unknown Battlegrounds in France?

Fortnite battle royale, with cheese

Fortnite is like the USA

It used to be good and free, now it's neither.

All these kids breaking in to buildings and taking out the valuables make me sick.

I mean, I can't understand why Fortnite is so popular.

i'm glad the minecraft good fortnite bad trend is over

there's a difference between memes and just telling facts

I want my little brother to be in a concentration camp

He keeps playing fortnite instead of studying for his classes, smh


More like Fartnite lol!

I just realised something really coincidental.

Units of time can correlate to words of inferiority. For example,

* second = second (second place)
* week = weak
* fortnight = Fortnite

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