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What's the difference between a formally dressed person on a tricycle and a poorly dressed person on a bicycle?

A tire

What do uou call a formally dressed fighter?

A tie-fighter

How does a logician explain why long lines tend to form at the restroom after a movie?

If a lot of people have to urinate, a long line will tend to form. A lot of people *do* have to urinate after a movie, and thus there is a long restroom line. Put a bit more formally:
Pee implies queue. Pee, therefore queue.

The Japanese Prime Minister formally protested after meeting Trump at the White House

Mr Trump treated Shinzo Abe to his trademark greeting, involving a muscular grasping of the hand and the subsequent pulling of the recipient towards him in a dominant way.

Mr Abe said, "What an awful yank. And I didn't like the handshake either."

The GOP has finally formally declared war on Intelligence.

BREAKING NEWS: Man covered in mirrors sets fire to homeless shelter!

At last he has formally apologized to the shelter after having time to reflect.

Most Viral Trend of 2014 Announced

News just in: Most viral trend of 2014 formally announced: Ebola.

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