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Funniest Forklift Short Jokes

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  1. What do a girlfriend and a forklift have in common ? If you don't have one, you have to unload by hand
  2. Why is the forklift operator at the distillery you own always so nice to you? Because it's his job to lift your spirits.
  3. What is the difference between a woman and a forklift? There is none. In both cases, if you don't have one, you unload by hand.
  4. I think I'm one of those Transformers. Whenever I eat dinner my hand turns into a forklift.
  5. Why did the new guy put cows on a forklift? Because his supervisor told him they are raising the stakes
  6. What do woman and forklifts have in common If you don't have one, You have to unload by hand
  7. I had a hilarious joke about how a forklift implies the existence of a spoonlift. Then I realized that's just a catapult.
  8. A 450lb man just hit on me... I tried to let him down as gently as possible...
    But I'm no forklift.
  9. Hey, Autocorrect! Quit correcting what isn't supposed to be corrected, you mother forklift!
  10. My wife said I can't possibly raise a child at the Warehouse. Don't know what she means, my forklift works fine.

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Forklift One Liners

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  1. What do you call a lawyer who is forklift certified? A shyster on a Hyster!
  2. What is the best way to raise a baby elephant? A forklift.
  3. What's a forklift? Food, usually...
  4. My dad met a group of forklift operators today He said they were very uplifting
  5. What do you call something that can't be forklifted? Unpalletable
  6. What's an obese person's favorite workout? ^forklifts ¨̮
  7. What do you call a forklift that hauls pigs? A porklift!
  8. What's the easiest thing to lift with a forklift? A palette.

Forklift joke, What's the easiest thing to lift with a forklift?

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A trucker drives through some industrial estate,

He stops near a warehouse and ten minutes later a p**... approaches nearby.
"50 and I'll do anything, love."
The trucker stares at her up and down.
"deal, grab the forklift and start unloading the truck."

Job Security

After being laid off from five different jobs in four months, Joe was hired by a warehouse.
One day he lost control of a forklift and drove it off the loading dock.
Surveying the damage, the owner shook his head and said he'd have to withhold 10 percent of Joe's wages to pay for the repairs.
"How much will it cost?" asked Joe.
"About $5,500," said the owner.
"What a relief!" exclaimed Joe. "I've finally got job security!"

I was watching some construction workers today

outside my office building. They were laying down a bunch of grass.
I saw a forklift come in carrying rolls of grass, when all of a sudden a huge bulldozer came out of nowhere and crashed full speed into the forklift. Both the driver of the forklift and the grass went flying...
It was quite the horrific sight indeed...all I could think was, "Poor sod..."

Forklift joke, I was watching some construction workers today