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The chief of a tribe in Mexico dies.

His son is now the chief. Since he never learned the ways of his forefathers to predict winters, when he gets asked what should the tribe do, he just tells them to collect firewood. He then goes to the National Weather Station in Mexico and asks them how bad winter is going to be. They tell him; "It looks like it will be pretty bad". Shocked, he goes back to his tribe and tells them to gather more firewood. He goes back to the weather station and asks them again if winter will be bad. They answer, "It is going to be one of the worst winters in a decade." The Chief goes back to the village and tells them to gather more firewood. Then he goes for a third time to the weather station and asks them again, "will the winter be bad?" They respond, "It will be the worst winter in a century." The chief asks them, "How do you know winter will be bad?" They answer, "Because the Indians are gathering firewood like crazy!"

As a m**..., heritage is very important to me.

From a very young age, I learned all about my forefathers – *and my five mothers!*

Everyone's always talking about our forefathers...

I'm pretty sure there were more than that.

Student 1: My name is Tom Archer because my ancestors were making bows and arrows.

Student 2: My name is Sam Baker because my forefathers were bakers.
Student 3: My name is John Dickinson, and I hate this game.

How did Canada get it's name?

The forefathers decided the best way to name their new country was to pick letters out of a hat. "C eh, n eh, d eh"

Two English men were debating the titles of their forefathers that had been passed down as their fantastic and very aptly regal Surnames.....

"Books has been our history! Books are our pride! Books for ever!" Said Mr. Henry Wordsworth.
"Pottery is our soul... Pottery is our pride! Pottery is the best!" Said Mr. Douglas Potter.
....but neither of them could look on towards the men of the men himself....

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