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Funny Forecast Jokes and Puns

The devil asked his resident weatherman what the forecast was for the week ahead...

"Hail, Satan"

Did you hear the weather forecast for the hiphop festival?

...They're calling for a Lil Wayne

Hey, Roy Moore; what's the weather forecast?

Tonight, we'll be dipping into the teens.

Forecast joke, Hey, Roy Moore; what's the weather forecast?

Snow in the forecast...

...and the TV weather gal said she was expecting 8 inches tonight. I thought to myself, "Fat chance, with a face like that!"

Meaty Urologist joke

By the way, why are all the weather forecasts on television given by meaty urologists?

Me: Damnit! The forecast shows up to 5 inches of snow!!

Wife: If I don't complain about a few inches, neither should you.

Two English Muslims go on holiday in Spain...

Two English Muslims go on a long holiday in Spain, and they're having a wonderful time until one day the weather turns and it rains for three days straight. On the fourth day, one of them looks out of the window in the morning.

"Ahmed, I think we can visit some of the local buildings today. We should bring an umbrella though."

"Ah, but Hissam, how is the weather looking on the forecast? Is it Sunni, or is it Shi'ite?"

Forecast joke, Two English Muslims go on holiday in Spain...

Russian man is watching weather forecast on TV and they say that it's -50°C in Siberia today...

In disbelief he calls his Siberian friend:

\- Hey, I've heard is super cold in Siberia these days?

\- Nah, it's nothing special, about -25°.

\- Yeah? On TV they've said it's -50° C!

\- Ah, this must be outside.

Kylie Jenner just named her newborn baby daughter Stormi

I think the Kardashian family is trying to have a weather forecast for her kids, because it's going to be Stormi in North West Chicago with a chance of Reign.

Meteorologists have forecast snow throughout the US for the entire year of 2018

Flake news

Apparently the government has several models to forecast how the pandemic will play out

They should use scientists instead - they're not as pretty but they know a lot more.

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Uh Oh! Look at the forecast!

It's an Irmagency!

What did the ancient Roman weatherman say when his emperor asked for a forecast?

"Hail, Caesar"

I heard tornadoes were in the forecast.

But I'm sure Oklahoma will still be OK.

Have you heard that the weather forecast in Alabama now favors Roy Moore?

It's expected to dip into the teens

What's the hippy forecast?

Slight chance of a shower on sunday...

Forecast joke, What's the hippy forecast?

I'm thinking of visiting Saudi Arabia based on the upcoming week's forecast

It's mostly Sunni

Today's forecast is going to be....

Partially sunny......

What wasthe white supremacist weatherman's forecast?

Heavy reign, with a chance of heil.

This weather forecast extinguished my hope for a good day. They predicted 20% showers...

and 80% bathtubs.

The 2017 forecast just came in

Looks like reign with a slight chance of heil.

The forecast in Alabama is favoring Roy Moore...

The temperature is dipping into the teens.

Weather forecast for today: Partly sunny...

... partly moony.

Thanks mom for the corny joke to share on the internet.

The weather forecast is looking pretty bad over in Germany.

There's a high chance of heil.

What's the difference between a Sicilian insurance actuary and a any other actuary?

Other actuaries can forecast how many people will die this year. The Sicilian actuary can name them.

What's the forecast for Mexico?

Chili today, Hot Tamale...

Forecast calls for rain so I'll bring an umbrella.

It's the wetness protection program.

What does Carson Daily do when he wants to know the forecast for the week?

He asks his wife

Tomorrow's weather forecast for Canada is in, just in time for cannabis legalization

It's going to be cloudy with a chance of Doritos.

Tonight's weather forecast will be...

...cloudy with a chance of killer clowns.

Here in Charlotte, NC, the forecast showed 6-8 inches of snow last night...

The Queen City ended up getting only 2 inches at most. But that's okay - it's hardly the first time a lady was promised 7 inches that night and ended up disappointed.

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