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My grandad predicted that the Titanic would sink

He went to great pains to try and alert everyone. Sadly no one would listen. He told people in authority, middle-management and even the every-day punters who bought tickets. He was silenced from every corner in spite of all the evidence he put forward. Eventually he was forcibly removed from the cinema.

I was forcibly held underwater, made to consume human flesh, and drank human blood all before puberty.

man Christianity has some weird traditions.

When someone forcibly makes you buy shares in their company, but you begin to sympathise with them

Would that be called stockholder syndrome?

The government forcibly took over

They cited Eminem domain

You have 3 dogs and someone forcibly takes one, how many do you have left?


>!...and a dead body!<

For all the animal lovers out there

A teacher is in front of the class teaching word problems. She asks little Susie,

Teacher: If you had 5 pets and someone wanted 3 of them, how many would you have?

Susie: 5, I'm not going to give them away.

Teacher: Alright, if you had 5 pets and someone forcibly took 3 of them, how many would you have?

Susie: 5...and a dead body.

Pentagon awards new military contract to United Airlines

To forcibly remove Assad

CNN Turkey was forcibly taken of the air

I hope Anderson Couper's alright.

The army smoked weed

And forcibly seized power

This is a haiku

Why was the anti-vaxxer's 3 year old crying?

Because they were being forcibly taken from their mother and father by child protection services.

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