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My father was a stalker and his father was a stalker

He followed in his footsteps

Why can't you hear a red heads footsteps

Because they walk so gingerly

A teacher asks Little Johnny what he wants to be when he grows up.

"I want to be a detective and follow in my father's footsteps," says Johnny.

"That's very admirable of you," says the teacher. "I didn't even know your father was a detective."

"He's not," says Johnny. "He's a jewel thief."

Footsteps joke, A teacher asks Little Johnny what he wants to be when he grows up.

A guy gets to Heaven and meets God for the first time...

God says, welcome my child. For living an exemplary life and following in my footsteps, I welcome you to Heaven and will answer one question for you. The answer to any of your life's mysteries that you desire.

The man ponders. He hurriedly thinks back on his life, wondering which answer he wants the most and not wanting to waste God's time, but he can't decide. He stares back at Him, unsure of what to say.

God says, don't worry my child, I am all knowing, so I already know what question you will ask.

The man, visibly relieved, exclaimed oh thank you! What is it?

That one. Enjoy eternity!

The Two Nuns and the Blind man.

There were once two nuns taking a bath together when all of a sudden they hear a knock at the door.
"Who is it?" yells out one of the nuns.
"It's me, the blind man." replies the man at the door.
"Ok, come on up." calls the second nun.
A short moment later, they heard the footsteps up the staircase and soon the door to the bathroom opened.
"Oh, hello Sisters. I like your new towels. Now where do you want the blinds?"
Bu dum tss

Father: "Son, you shall follow in my footsteps of escorting climbers up Mt Everest."

Son: "Sher pa."

A blonde gets a Fitbit for Christmas

Her friend tells her to always try to get to 10,000 steps a day to lose weight.

One night it's 11.30pm and her boyfriend hears footsteps downstairs. He goes down to find her walking around the living room backwards.

"What ARE you doing?" he asks.

"Melanie told me to do 10,000 steps a day - I was on 10,020!"

Footsteps joke, A blonde gets a Fitbit for Christmas

Don't walk in my footsteps...

I think I stepped in something.

What is the most sensitive part of your body when masturbating?

Your ears, listening for footsteps.

my father was a podiatrist.

lady: you're just like your dad
me: yeah i followed in his footsteps.

Three crazys try to escape a mental hospital

Three crazys try to escape a mental hospital when they suddenly notice a guard

Fearing that he might hear his footsteps, the first crazy says meow

The guard thinks it's a cat and doesn't bat an eye

The second guy does the same and the guard again doesn't bat an eye

When it's third guy's turn he says

"I am also a cat"

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You should always have a pet to make you feel safe...

Just the other night my wife woke me tell me heard glass breaking and footsteps downstairs.

She calmed down when I told it was probably just the fish.

Just heard about Kanye West covering Bohemian Rhapsody at Glastonbury. Let's hope he continues to follow in Freddy Mercury's footsteps.

And dies of AIDs.

Before my grandfather died, he asked me to follow in his footsteps and become a metal worker.

He told me it would be quite riveting.

A burglar broke into my house

In search of money last night.

Startled with the noise of footsteps, I woke up

and continued to search with him.

Apparently many people get all of their artistic inspiration from pot.

I wouldn't follow in their footsteps. They seem highly sketchy.

Footsteps joke, Apparently many people get all of their artistic inspiration from pot.

I heard footsteps behind me.

When i saw that it was my crush, i was my crush, my i was touched in the heart... With a knife.

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