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A wife is at home watching the news.

On the TV she sees footage of a crazy man driving the wrong way on the freeway. She realizes her husband takes the same path home from work. She immediately calls him and warns him of the danger. She says, "Be careful! There's a crazy man driving on the wrong side of the freeway!"

The husband replies, "One!? There's hundreds of them!"

The referees from the Cowboys/Lions game have reviewed the footage aaand...

It looks like President Kennedy is going to be alright!

Did you hear about the blonde woman who has three hours of footage of raw chicken on her iPhone?

The cooking instructions said remove sleeve and film.

Footage joke, Did you hear about the blonde woman who has three hours of footage of raw chicken on her iPhone?

Charlie Charlie challenge | REAL FOOTAGE

What does a Chicago police officer and a professional skateboarder have in common?

They both shred footage.

(*be gentle, it's my first time.*)

I saw leaked footage of Finding Dory yesterday

Bruce the shark is now called Caitlyn.

Was The Little Mermaid directed by a pilot?

Because it's mostly Ariel footage.

Footage joke, Was The Little Mermaid directed by a pilot?

To anyone who says white people can't jump...

You obviously haven't seen footage of 9/11.

My friend said he found a video that was completely mindblowing.

Turned out to be the JFK footage.

Why does everyone think white people can't jump?

The 9-11 footage showed they know how to.

Just filmed a video of the Mrs wanking me off with her toes.

Lovely bit of footage.

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What do people who have a footfetish look at online?


Watched a documentary on the twin towers. Was very informative and lots of footage I had not seen before.

Overall I'd give it 9/11.

What do you call a video of pedestrians?


What do you call footage of Bigfoot?


Sex is like a video game for me.

I usually just watch gameplay footage of it but never actually played it myself.

Footage joke, Sex is like a video game for me.

Robert died...

He was working on the local brewery and fell inside the beer tank, drowning. It is believed he didn't suffer as footage shows him leaving the tank twice to take a leak.

What do you call a film about feet?


My local beauty shop was broken into last night.

CCTV footage shows a suspect moonwalking out carrying a large amount of moisturising cream.

The officer at the scene told the shop owner "You've been struck by, a smooth criminal".

I recently filmed my wife wanking me off with her toes...

Got some decent footage.

People who say white people can't jump,

Have never seen 9/11 footage

Why are podiatrists likely to become celebrities?

They get a lot of footage

A man gets killed filming a horror movie, and the footage of the man getting killed was shown at his funeral.

Needless to say, it was a grave mistake.

I clicked on an NFL greatest hits compilation

Unfortunately it was mostly just security camera footage of their girlfriends

What do you call a video of someone's feet?


TIL that while little is known about the Tiananmen Square "Tank Man," many eyewitnesses claim that he was actually run over shortly after the famous footage was taken. Indeed, the Mandarin nickname for this folk hero is "The Lobster"...

...because he was a crushed Asian.

After Peter Jackson's successful launch of World War 1 documentary They Will Not Grow, George Lucas has announced he is making a documentary of World War 2 with remastered footage.

Spoiler: France invades first.

What do you call a video of feet being tied up?


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