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Everyone in Hawaii is mad about the malfunction of the early warning system. Those fools.

Hawaii **IS** the early warning system.


A bad workman blames his fools...



I just ran over my dog.

April fools! I don't know whose dog it was.


Little Billy had been blind since birth...

...and one night his mom tells him "If you pray extra hard tonight God will allow you see in the morning."

So little Billy prayed his heart out before going to sleep that night. The next morning he opened his eyes and to his surprise he screamed out.
"Mommy I still can't see!"
"I know son, April fools."


see the light

The pessimist sees no light in the tunnel.

The optimist see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The realist sees that the light is a train.

The train driver sees only three fools on the track.


Luella and Rose

There were these two sisters Luella and Rose. They were going
to get a picture taken of themselves as they just got their checks.
They go to the studio and after the photographer fools with the
camera he tells Rose to sit quietly because he had to focus.
Well, Luella being hard of hearing says, "Huh?"
Rose says, "Be still girl he's gonna focus!"
Luella looks and says, "Both of us?"


Dead Baby Jokes?

A mother who has just given birth waits expectantly for the nurse to return so she can hold her baby. A few minutes pass, and the nurse enters with the baby in her hands. The nurse then drops the baby on the ground, stomps on it's head and kicks it out of the window. The mother starts screaming 'My baby, my baby!!'
The nurse looks at the lady and says 'April Fools! He was already dead!'


Is this prank too much as revenge? Need suggestions for execution

So my boyfriend of a year played a prank on me where he had asked me if I found the gift he had left me. I spent so much time looking in every possible corner of my room and was even late to class only for him to tell me april fools. I want to get him back so I bought a fake pregnancy test. What do you guys think? Is this too much? I dont want to piss him off, just get a good laugh.


A good April Fools joke to pull on Facebook.

Post on your Facebook that funeral arrangements for yourself will be posted later in the day and don't answer your phone or respond to any messages. I did this one year and had a ton of people think I was dead.


So a black man walks into a store and bought 5 items.

April fools, he stole them.


I always seem to end up telling jokes a day late or so...

...Just joking, April Fools!!!


Just like every year, this April 1st will mark a day were people around the world fall for silly fibs and wildly embellished stories.

Then they will fall for April Fools jokes.


April Fools

It was April first when a young father went to the hospital to see his newly born son. Standing outside the glass partition, the nurse pointed to his baby son. The nurse smiled as she lifted the baby from its cot. She then strolled over to the table and bounced the baby's head on the timber. The father was horror-struck and his hands went up to the window. The nurse smiled at him and started to swing the baby by holding it by it's penis and scrotum. The father was pounding frantically at the glass partition by this time. The nurse let go of the baby and with a sickening thud the baby went careering into the wall. Blood and guts went everywhere. The father took a runing jump at the glass partition. The nurse picked up the baby and tore it's arms off as the father went hurtling through the glass. He was foaming at the mouth when he faced the nurse.

She said, "April fools! He was dead already!"


Happy April Fools?

Not in the slippery monkey hole, Juwan!


Silly Americans.

The national pastime of Tahiti is making love, but we, silly fools, picked baseball.


Good Point!

An American, Russian and a Pol are sitting in a bar having a few drinks. The Russian stands up and proclaims "We Russians are the best because we were first to send a satellite into orbit! The American stands up and say's That's nothing. We Americans were first to put a man on the Moon! The Pol stands up and says You are both fools! We Pol's will be the first to send a man to the Sun! The Russian and American laugh at the Pol and say, You can't send a man to the sun. They will be burned to a crisp. The Pol says, Ah! We thought of that. We will send them at night!



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